Accused Killer Of 4 Takes Own Life In SD Motel Parking Lot

    A man accused of killing four people in Missouri, including his girlfriend and her pre-teen daughter, committed suicide in a motel parking lot Wednesday night east of Sioux City near Dakota Dunes, SD.

    The Union County Sheriff’s Office says 45-year-old J-T McLean was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in a car parked at a motel.

   . McLean was facing a pair of 1st-degree murder charges in Missouri for the deaths of his 43-year old Allison Abitz and her 11-year-old daughter Jozee, whose bodies were found Aug. 22 at their home south of Columbia. 

    He was also believed responsible for the deaths of an older couple in the Lake of the Ozarks region whose bodies were found earlier Wednesday by Miller County sheriff’s deputies doing a welfare check.

McLean had been sought since shortly after the bodies of Abitz and her daughter were found, but had managed to elude capture.

      The U-S Marshal’s Service says that changed when McLean stole a car from the older couple and authorities were able to use OnStar to track it to Dakota Dunes, where McLean had family.

       After the vehicle was found at the motel, multiple law enforcement agencies surrounded the parking lot and used “nonlethal means” as they attempted to make contact with McLean. 

      After receiving no response, a drone was deployed over the vehicle and determine McLean was dead.