AG Releases Report On Allegations Of Sexual Abuse By Catholic Priests – No Charges


      Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson has released the report on his 3-year investigation into allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct against Catholic priests in all 3 Nebraska dioceses dating back to 1978,

       Peterson says the lengthy investigation into 258 cases included the church’s own records, but resulted in only one case that could be criminally prosecuted. It won’t be because “the victim decided they could not participate in the prosecution.” 

      Peterson said a number of other cases could have been charged in the past but not now because the statute of limitations has run out, adding that the investigation was a difficult process and the results “gut-wrenching.”

   While acknowledging the church and its leadership have been cooperative, the attorney general said he couldn’t give them a “blanket pass” and that it was “extremely frustrating” not to be able to bring the justice system to bear “on those predators”

      Peterson added that on numerous occasions over the years, those in authority chose to place the reputation of the church above the protection of the children who placed their spiritual care in the hands of those in church authority.”

     Omaha Archbishop George Lucas said before Peterson released the report that he welcomed the accountability and “that the truth would be good for everyone.”      

Peterson echoed some of those feelings, saying his hope “is that somehow this report will allow all victims to know at least that their voices have been heard.”