Authorities Kill Mountain Lion Inside Valentine City Limits


      A 103-pound mountain lion was shot and killed Thursday on the northern edge of Valentine, only a couple of days after the big cat had disrupted a local middle school girls golf tournament.

      Officials with Nebraska Game and Parks worked with the Valentine Police department to dispatch the mountain lion, described as a “sub-adult.” It was was within city limits when it was killed.

       Sam Wilson, Game and Parks carnivore program manager of carnivores, says the lion was taken in accordance with the agency’s Mountain Lion Response Plan, which calls for mountain lions within city limits to be killed for the safety of residents.

      Wilson says lions aren’t shot with tranquilizer guns and relocated because public safety is the top priority, and tranquilizers can take several minutes to take effect, allowing an animal to escape.

      Wilson also says zoos won’t typically take in a wild mountain lion because the animals don’t do well in captivity. 

     Radio station KVSH reported at least 3 sightings of the big cat this week, including on a trail camera as it crossed the 8th-hole green on Tuesday morning at the Frederick Peak Golf Course

      None of the middle school girls in the tournament saw the mountain lion, and the tournament was canceled midway through the 18-hole event. 

10 thoughts on “Authorities Kill Mountain Lion Inside Valentine City Limits”

  1. Should of never killed the mountain Lion. Could of darted him and took him somewhere where Sick of killing of animals. Deer, pheasants and so forth. Tired of people hunting for sport Sure I will get nasty response.

  2. By the way mountain lions do good in captivity. Zoos throughout America. Officials are lying. Nebraska attitude is if your horse is sick, cow , dog shoot it in the head

  3. I am not sure where you live but i imagine not in rural nebraska. mountain lions, elk and even wolves have become a very real problem to the ranchers and farmers in nebraska. they are destroying the livelyhood we depend on to take care of our families. I personally hunt deer and pheasants and so forth. NOT for sport, but for food. Americans grew up hunting for food for their families. as far as nebraskans attitude about shooting sick cows, horses, dogs, or anything,,,, WE do not take pleasure in seeing any animal sufferings. Is it better for them to suffer for days when you cant help them or stop the suffering???

  4. If you need food go to the grocery store. If animals are suffering, humanely euthanize.
    Hunting is a sport. Animals deserve to live. What did pheasants ever do to you ? Or deer ?

  5. where do you think the food in the grocery store comes from….. farms and ranches across america. lose the farms and ranches,,, what do people have to eat????? maybe vegetables??? oh yeah,,,,,no farms. oops

  6. I live in Nebraska Say what you want. Animals trying to live why people are building and taking away nature. Wolves deserve life all animals do. So eat your murdered animals.

  7. you have your beliefs and i have mine. you call it murder if you want, i call it survival. we grow all of the meat and products available in your “grocery store” you live your way and i will continue to live mine. you dont tell me what to believe and i wont tell you. hope your grocery store never runs out of the beef and products that were humanely murdered for you to eat.

  8. I feel sorry for you not eating meat !!!!! Nothing like a great roast beef and mashed potatoes and gravy !!!!!!!!! I loved to go hunting it wasn’t about the kill !!!!!! It was about being out in the countryside, enjoy being in the outdoors!!!!!! Get to observe nature in real life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Game and parks knew there were mountain lions, cause they brought the mountain lions to Nebraska !!!!!!! over fifty years ago the park department closed a trail off to hiking for a female lion was teaching her cubs how to hunt and kill for food !!!!!!

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