Bannan Files For 2-Year Chadron City Council Seat


      There’s been a filing for the 2-year term on the Chadron City Council that’s been added to the November ballot to fill out the term of Keith Crofutt and the candidate is a bit of a surprise: current councilman Miles Bannan.

      Bannan didn’t file for reelection this year, citing upcoming changes in his personal and professional lives, including his pending marriage.

     Normally, that would have been the end of it for him in this election cycle because the February 15th filing deadline for incumbents covers all of this year’s races.

     That’s not true in this case, though, because Crofutt resigned from the council after the filing deadline – creating a new race unaffected by the primary or the original deadline.

     By law, the council has to hold an election for the 2 years left on Crofutt’s term and appoint someone to fill the seat until the new council elected in November takes office in December.

     George Klein, who was already running for a 4-year term, was named to fill the vacancy, then advanced to the general election as the top vote-getter for the full term.

      Klein had until last Monday to drop out of the 4-year race and file for the 2-year term, but chose not to. 

      Other Chadron residents still have until September 1st to file to run against Bannan, who says he’s come to realize over the past several months there are still a number of important city projects to be addressed in the next 2 years he wants to be part of.

      Candidates can file for the Chadron city council at City Hall or at the County Clerk’s Office in the Dawes County Courthouse.

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