Beau Blacksmith


Funeral services for 30-year old Beau Dean Blacksmith are Thursday, July 29, 2021 at 10:00 at the Makasan Presbyterian Church in Oglala, SD, with Sister Barb Bogenschutz officiating.

A one-night wake service starts Wednesday, July 28, at 1:00, also at the Makasan Presbyterian Church in Oglala.

Burial will be at St Peters Episcopal Cemetery in Oglala

Beau Dean Blacksmith was born on January 13, 1991 in Rapid City, SD to Delayne Blacksmith and Belinda Two Lance. Beau made his journey to the Spirit World on July 17, 2021.

Beau is survived by his parents, Delayne Blacksmith and Belinda Two Lance; special friend, Dakota Dreaming Bear; daughters, Jo’Hanna, Anaisha, Aanya Blacksmith; siblings, Alisha (Jered) Blacksmith, Amber Blacksmith, Lovie (Donald) Blacksmith, and Bessie Blacksmith; aunts, Liz (Orin) Morrison, Melissa Blacksmith, Julie Blacksmith, Vonna & Sage Blacksmith, Kay & Lee Blacksmith, Marian Poor Bear, Fedelia Cross, Ina Mae Espinosa, Belnita (Sam) Bravo, Emily Peltier, Whitney & Doris Eagle; uncles, Hunter Blacksmith, Leon Eagle, Jr., Max (Becki) Two Crow, and Ronald Cross Dog; and grandmothers, Beverly (Leon) Two Lance and Violet Two Lance; and grandfather, Terry Two Lance.

Beau was preceded in death by his daughter, Aubrey Blacksmith; uncles, Robert “Spider” Blacksmith, Allen “Cho” Blacksmith, Stanley Blacksmith, and Pete “June” Blacksmith; aunt, Eldean “Bink” Blacksmith; grandma, Jessie Ann Bear Robe; grandpa, Pete Blacksmith; and cousin, Clayton Warrior.

Pallbearers will be Adam “Tyke” Espinosa, Daniel Kills Small, Wylie Janis, Wyatt Blacksmith, Jake Morrison, Trudell Slow Bear, Leon Eagle, Jr., Ian Guerue, Sheldon Flute, Kyle Blacksmith, Alyssa “Love” Blacksmith, and Caitlin Blacksmith.

Honorary pallbearers will be Drew Blacksmith, Sheldon Flute, Jason Flute, Airik Bad Heart Bull, William Plenty Arrows, Juan, Shawn, and Shane Espinosa, Rekel Plenty Wounds, Jonathon Sounding Side, Kina Brings Plenty, Kenny Black Elk, Rigo Ortiz & family, Gilbert “Hoksila”, JoDean Blacksmith, Jeremy Iron Horse, Peta Catches, Shane Looks Twice, Mitchell Bagola, Jude Little, Christin & Cecil Tobacco, Jim Yellow Thunder, Ashley Weasel Bear, Paul Weasel Bear, Jonny Star Comes Out, Nolan Warrior & family, Marvin Lame & family, Terry Lame & family, Mike Bear Killer, Ron, Lin, and Corwin Blacksmith & families, Warren and Kevin Cross, Bob Cross & family, Greg “Shady” Yellow Horse, Delane “Shaq” Ten Fingers, Kaiden Iron Horse, Mike Goodman, Tim Bores a Hole, Bradley Cross Dog, Verdell & Claire Bear Saves Life, Elgin Bad Heart Bull, Frank Two Bulls, Santiago Yellow Horse, Tristan Yellow Horse, Grant Blacksmith & family, John Blacksmith, Nate Blacksmith, Tom Blacksmith, Richie Palmer & family, Wilma Blackmsith & family, Matilda Bald Eagle & family, Cheryl Blacksmith & family, Mariah Bravo & family, Mary Two Bulls & family, Sharon Two Bulls & family, Terry Blacksmith & family, and All Friends & Relatives that we may have forgotten.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD