Chadron City Council Agenda Dec 20, 2021



NO. 2021-35 DECEMBER 20, 2021 6:00 pm

Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Mayor reads the following before continuing with the meeting:

“As required by Section 84-1412, subsection 8 of the Nebraska Statutes, notice is hereby

given that a copy of the Open Meetings Act is posted for your examination on the wall

inside the door to these City Council Chambers.”

Roll Call

Approval of Agenda

a. Consent Agenda

1. Minutes for City Council Meeting No. 2021-34, December 6, 2021

2. Correspondence

3. Minutes for Boards and Commissions

4. Monthly Treasurer’s Report and Water Report

5. Annual Occupation Tax Report Pursuant to LB 445

b. Recognize the City of Chadron Water and Wastewater Departments for Receiving the Safety Achievement Award from the Nebraska Section of the American Water Works Association and the Gold Safety Award and the Scott Wilbur Award Outstanding Facility from the Nebraska Water Environment Association

c. Recognize City Employees for Years of Service

d. Deb Cottier, Executive Director, Northwest Nebraska Development Corporation (NNDC)

Report and Update

e. Ordinance No. 1426 To Amend Section 16-403 of Article 4. “Speed; Near Schools”, of Chapter 16, entitled “Traffic Regulations” of the Municipal Code to Amend When the 15 mph Speed Limit Shall be Enforced in a School Zone (Third and Final Reading)

f. Ordinance No. 1427 To Amend Section 5-124 of Article 1. “City Council” of Chapter 5, entitled “Civil Administration”, of the Municipal Code to Change the Day for Agenda Meetings from Tuesday to Monday (Third and Final Reading)

g. Resolution No. 2021-150 To Recommend Award of Bid for the Purchase of One (1) New 2022 ½ Ton Extended Cab 4×4 Pickup Truck with a Trade-In Option for the Water Department

h. Resolution No. 2021-151 To Recommend Award of Bid for the Purchase of One (1) New 2022 ¾ Ton Pickup Extended Cab 4×4 Pickup Truck for the Street Department

i. Resolution No. 2021-152 To Recommend Award of Bids for the Purchase of One (1) New 48” Commercial Rotary Mower and One (1) New 72” Diesel Zero Turn Commercial Mower for the Parks/Cemetery Department

j. Resolution No. 2021-153 To Declare the 1967 Diesel Generator as Surplus Property and Authorize the Same to be Disposed Of

k. Chadron Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Funded Contracts/Agreements for Federal Fiscal Years 2022 through 2024

l. Resolution No. 2021-154 To Approve the Airport Rescue Grant Offer received from the Federal Aviation Administration for Grant No. 3-31-0017-020-2022 for Federal Funds for the Chadron Municipal Airport

m. Review of the City of Chadron Comprehensive Plan Dated April 2015

n. Motion to Set the Regular City Council Meeting Dates for Calendar Year 2022

o. Resolution No. 2021-155 To Extend Holiday Greetings

p. Motion to Approve Claims

q. City Manager Report (Information Only, No Action Required)

1. Reminder of Dog Licenses for the 2022 Calendar Year

2. Reminder of School Zone Signage

r. Resolution No. 2021-156 To Excuse Absence of Councilmember(s)

s. Council Closing Comments

t. Personnel Matters (R.R.S. 1943 84-1410)

u. Adjourn