Ernest “Naca” Goings

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Funeral services for 68-year old Ernest “Naca” Goings are Wed, Dec 22, 2021 at 11:00 at Joyner Hall in Pine Ridge, SD, with traditional Lakota services by Robert Watters 

Burial is at the Holy Rosary Mission Catholic Cemetery in Pine Ridge

A two-night wake service starts Monday, Dec 20, at 4:30, also at Joyner Hall with prayer services starting at 7:00 PM.  

Ernest Lynn Goings was born on August 14, 1953, in Pine Ridge, SD to Jane Rabbit.  Ernest made his journey to the Spirit World on December 9, 2021 at the St. Luke’s Memorial Hospital in Kansas City, MO.  

Ernest is survived by his spouse, Ann Marie Beane; children Ramana Goings, Lessanes Goings, Mason Goings, Kahliga Goings, Carl Janis Jr, Dakota Hard Heart, Emilio Hard Heart, and Sister Babe Cottier; and siblings Kathy “Dondi” Wilson, Ben Smith, Marlys Rabbit, David Rabbit Sr, Lessanes “Daus” Rabbit, and LeAnn Rabbit.

Ernest was preceded in death by his grandparents, Mary Chief Goings and Hobson Goings; mother, Jane Rabbit; step-father, Narcisse Rabbit; brother, Gerald “Pawnee” Smith; nephews, John Red Hawk and Whitney Rabbit; and aunts, Lessanes Killer and Catherine Janis.

Ernie was raised by his grandparents, Mary and Hobson, who bought him a horse named Buck.  Ernest and his cousins would go riding and had many adventures. Together they shared stories about stealing hay and going to jail.  

Ernest also played baseball with the #4 Chargers and Independent Basketball with Bill Pourier, Mike Carlow Sr, Irv Provost, and Jeng Matthew just to name a few.  

Ernie worked as a jailer and operated heavy equipment; he also went to school at Western Dakota Technical Institute in Rapid City and fished with a degree in Diesel Engine Mechanics.  In recent years, he worked for OST Solid Waste.  

Ernie was inspired by his uncle, Cecil “Slim”, and would watch him work on cars; this is when he developed a passion for hot rod cars and racing around.  

Pallbearers will be Dave Crow, Anthony Rossman, Rusty Merdanian, Johnse Donovan, Rick Bark, Allen Smith, Leon Janis, Jr., Delane Provost, Flynn Killer, Jesse Mendoza, Waylon Janis, Ron Roffers, Joe Red Leaf, and Ken Keith.  

Honorary pallbearers will be Ben Rust, Jason Schwarting, John Bogner, Shane Bear Heels, Hobart Yankton, Garf Steele, Kenny Mills, Duane Quick Bear, Darby Steele, Dave Carrick, Fran Archambeau, Rob Klinger, Joe Red Leaf, George Thompson, Kelly Stalder, Tom Bourdeaux, Darrin Merrival, Pat Thompson, Bones Thompson, Yamini Jack, Jayson Thompson, Justin Keckler, Lou Lends His Horse, Allen Duprel, Shane Uan Boening, Deb Merrival, Jim Corean, Scott & Lydia Brewer, Steve Iron Road, Steve Hand Boy, John Big Eagle, Hank & Gary Nelson, Tim Carrick, Stan & Laurie Hawkins, Chris Hawkins, Tony Janis, Gary Bloomberg, Ken Nash, Jim Hunsley, Mike Jacobs, Travis Vickers, Jerry Dale, Dave Jones, Steve Onka, Mick Tiefentahler, Wyatt White Horse, Cora White Horse, Poker Joe Merrival, Tom Ryland, Guy Trenhiel, Dick Spitzer, Lloyd Friedel, Charlie Hatch, Boyd Richards, Dave Janis, Irv Sterner, Randy Mink, Jeff Dale, and many other pool players, Bud Red Hawk, Doug Brown, Fred Brown, Harold Brown, John Carlow & Mike Carlow & Families, Pat & Patricia Carlow, Shan Palmier, Patrick Killer, Kevin Killer, Kim Killer & Families, Leta Killer, Joyce Goings, Fern Goings, Marty Goings, Sr. & Families, Midge Talbot & Family, Dennis Goings, Doris Goings, Betty Goings, Marvin Goings, Lena Goings, Sally Goings & Families, uncle Buck & Family, Travis & Troy Goings, Lula Bettelyoun & Family, Mark & Wanda Donovan, Dennis Brewer & Family, Linda Bad Wound & Family, Aaron Miller & Family, Bob Ecoffey & Family, Audrey Thompson, Martha Protector & Family, Boyd Wilcox, Byron Wilcox, Willie White, Sr., Jerry Matthews, Tim Jacobs & Family, Bill Morrison, Priscilla Bad Milk & Family, Nathaniel & Steve Bad Milk, Paul Trueblood, Tim Big Crow, Syrup Big Crow, Nellie Long & Family, Fred Stands & Family, Brian & Tammy Starr, Dean Steele, Darrell Steele, Jr., Dick Steele, Lolly Steele & Families, Pat Mills, Nakina Mills, Terry Mills & Families, Mitch Pourier, Rhonda Akers, Mike Akers & Families, Robert Charging Crow, Steve & Corby Shangreaux, Bryan Brewer & Family, Len Brewer, Mike Brewer, Shorty Brewer & Families, Calvin & Carla Ghost Bear, Jake Yellow Horse, Pork Little Spotted Horse, Robert Two Crow, Mike Long, Dusty LeBeau, Ritchie Bear & Family, Daniel Crazy Thunder & Family, Michelle Hagen & Family, Beane Families, Bud Waters & Family, Margaret Vitalis & Family, Carol Big Crow & Family, Ken & Kard Skynstyle, Cecelia Blue Legs & Famkly, Linda Janis & Family, Tanya Janis, Louie, Gilbert, & Barney Janis & Families, Emerald, Vee, Eileen, Terry, Ival, & Pat Janis & Families, Mary Mousseaux & Family, Lisa Pawnee Leggins, Kelly’s Body Shop, All Horse Nations Indian Relay Teams, Gups Hog Heaven, Kenny’s Body Shop, Waters Rodeo Co., Red Hawk Family, Mesteth Family, Rabbitt Family, Pine Ridge E.R. Staff, Marc Air, Dr. Agosto, St. Luke’s MST ICU Staff, and All Friends & Relatives.

Valley National Eight Ball Association, UNEA South Dakota 8-Ball Championships, UNEA South Dakota 9-Ball Championships, UNEA Rocky Mountain Team Championships, UNEA Rocky Mountain Singles Championships, UNEA International Championships, UNEA 4 State Regional 8-Ball Championships, South Dakota Amateur 8-Ball Championships, Pierre Traveling League 8-Ball, and West River 8-Ball League.  

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD