Chadron City Transit Now Charging $1 A Ride, But Passes Allow Unlimited Stops

     Chadron City Transit has begun a new era, ending its status as the only free public transit system in Nebraska and starting a modest fee.

     Transit Director Julie Lawrence says the new fee is the smallest in the state with multi-ride passes available to make it even more affordable.

Lawrence says that not only does the pass give you 2 free rides, one is good for unlimited stops until you’re taken home.

Chadron City Transit and its predecessor the Hand-Bus had been limited in the past to service inside the city limits, but Lawrence says the City Council has approved trips to a variety of out-of-town locations.

Lawrence says rides can also be scheduled to the Chadron airport for a $10 fee each way. Passes can’t be used for trips to the airport or other out-of-town destinations.

      At-home pickup and in-town trips can be arranged by calling Chadron City Transit at 308-432-0520 or by using a cellphone with the Trip Master automated system, which uses a QR code and requires setting up an account. 

      To set up a Trip Master account or for more information on Chadron City Transit, call 308-432-0520 -OR- email

2 thoughts on “Chadron City Transit Now Charging $1 A Ride, But Passes Allow Unlimited Stops”

  1. Is the 1 dollar fee for a round trip? If a person needs to go to their destination are they charged 1 or 2 dollars? I believe this charge plan could be based on income levels.

  2. The $1.00 fee is a one way fare. Just like a taxi or other ride services, the passenger may or may not need a round trip ride. For example, I might need a ride to get my vehicle that has just been serviced, or I may need a ride home from the airport. Those would be one way trips.

    That means a round trip ride will cost $2.00, less if a pass is purchased. A pass costs $20.00 for 22 rides. Trips to and from the airport and other out of town destinations cost more.

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