Chadron Quilt Festival Returns After 2-Year COVID Hiatus

      The annual Chadron Festival of Quilts begins its 3-day run today at the Assumption Arena, returning after a 2-year hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

     Hours are 9-5 today and tomorrow and noon-till-4:00 on Sunday. Admission is $5 for the entire weekend and has a schedule of events. 

     This year’s theme, “Flowers of Hope,” reflects the optimism of organizers to be back after the pandemic. Over 200 quilts are on display. 

     This year’s featured quilter is Valora Hammond, who used her 16 years of working with Janome America to learn many new techniques in classrooms and international training.

      Hammond says she doesn’t believe in perfection, preferring instead the joy in the process of creating a new quilt, calling each one a learning opportunity in the search for her joy. 

     There are special programs each day. Today’s, Sisters, was this morning with sisters Stacey Gustus and Jenn Yenter, who shared their vision of “no fear” or “no rules” quilting.

     They grew up making quilts together and despite living almost 400 miles still collaborate on fabric choices and design selection when making new quilts.