Chadron State College Moving Scholastic Contest To Fall Semester

      Chadron State College has canceled this academic year’s annual Scholastic Contest and is permanently moving the event to the fall semester. The first fall version will be on November 9.

      Chadron State Associated Vice President for Enrollment Management Dr Tara Hart, co-chair of the Scholastic Contest Committee, says the switch is a result of the panel’s effort to find untapped opportunities to expand the event.

     Changing the date was one idea and Dr Hart says the feeling was that if there ever was a time to do it, this was the year. Several schools planning on coming were asked what time of year would be the best for their students and most said the fall.

      Hart says the schools cited spring conflicts with athletic events, FFA competitions, and testing dates for both ACT and SAT. 

      While the Contest has continued to draw hundreds of students from dozens of high schools in Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, and South Dakota the number of both has dropped in recent years.

      Dr Hart says the committee wants students to experience campus life, see the variety of options available at CSC,  and better understand what it means to be part of student organizations on campus.

      Planning is already underway for the fall Contest with hands-on activities and the hope that faculty and staff could do various demonstrations. 

     They’re also sessions led by CSC students on topics such as what it’s like to be a student leader and what it means to be an NCAA Division II student-athlete. 

       Hart says she loves it when the college can educate any students, teachers, or counselors what it means to access higher education and how Chadron State is an affordable institution with a high-quality education.

3 thoughts on “Chadron State College Moving Scholastic Contest To Fall Semester”

  1. All of the seniors have really been hurt by the pandemic and now this. I had a senior grandchild last year and nothing was normal the senior. As I listen to the news many children are downhill with the edication that they have missed . Now this, do any of the children have a chance ????

  2. I think it’s a great idea! By now, most Seniors know where they plan to go after high school. With Scholastic Day in the fall, it’s gives the kids a chance to decide if they want to go to Chadron State – if they win 1st place (Scholarships) on a test or if they want to go to another college of their choice. Honestly Spring semester is kind of a crap-shoot when it comes to weather too, I remember one year it was snowing and blizzarding out and only a few schools could even make it to Scholastic Day! Chadron High school took a lot of wins that day! Our fall weather is much more dry and reliable. I think change is good.

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