Cheryl “Tia” Long Soldier


Funeral services for 28-year old Cheryl “Tia” Long Soldier are  Friday, Feb 25, 2022 at 2:00 at the Makasan Presbyterian Church in Oglala, SD, with Pastor Eric Sutton, Pastor Leon Schwartz, Sister Barb Bogenschutz, and Pastor Rhoda Mesteth officiating and traditional Lakota services by Mr Peta Catches 

Burial is at Our Lady of the Sioux Catholic Cemetery in Oglala

A two-night wake service begins Wed, Feb 23, at 1:00 at the Good Voice Flute residence, #626 Last St. Oglala Housing in Oglala. The second night starts Thurs, Feb 24, at 1:00 at the Makasan Presbyterian Church in Oglala

Cheryl Tiara “Tia” Long Soldier  “Wakinyan Luta Win” ~Red Lightning Woman~ was born on January 26,1994 in Pine Ridge, SD to Bret Lamar Long Soldier and Valerie Good Voice Flute. Cheryl made her journey to the Spirit World on February 8, 2022 in Oglala, SD. 

Cheryl is survived by her mother, Valerie Good Voice Flute of Oglala, SD; children, Saffron Suraya Lynn Good Lance, Xander James Good Lance, and Jordan Layah Rose Weston, all of Oglala, SD; siblings, Shania (Ray) Black Elk, Corby Long Soldier, Kevinita Joy Ramos, Jordana Ramoas, Ethan Ramos, Delilah Bear Saves Life, Lindon Warrior, Vivian Ramos, Devon Runs Above; grandmothers, Victoria Good Voice Flute and Iris Between Lodges, both of Oglala, SD, Colleen Bettelyoun of Wanblee, SD, Delores Janis and Sharon (Elton) Yellow Boy, both of Rapid City, SD, Delphine One Horn of Kyle, SD, and Annie (Jerry) Brings Him Back and Eileen (Robert) Running Bear, both of Pine Ridge, SD; and grandfather, Alvin Long Soldier of Colorado; aunts, Lahnee Long Soldier and Ola Featherman, both of Oglala, SD, Tahnee (Victor) Robles and Precious Featherman of Rapid City, SD, Bobbie Long Soldier of Manderson, SD, and Kimberly Long Soldier of North Carolina; and uncles, Charles (Xaviera) Long Soldier, Sr. of Oglala, SD, Tim Long Soldier of Rapid City, SD, Antone Long Soldier of Manderson, SD, Travis Barden-Richards of Pine Ridge, SD, Kirti Bear Stops of Sioux Falls, SD, and Donald Long Soldier of Washington.

Welcoming her with love, joy, and open arms in the Spirit World are her father, Bret Long Soldier; aunts, Cheryl Long Soldier, Carla Long Soldier, Emily Long Soldier, and Promise Long Soldier; uncles, Michael Featherman, Kenneth Featherman, Troy Good Voice Flute, Stacy Good Voice Flute, Wade Bagola, Sr., Julian Stands, Sr., John Lamor, and Donald Brave, Sr.; grandparents, Karen Between Lodges, Charlie Long Soldier, Sr., Rudolph Blindman, Rosalind Blindman, Annabelle Between Lodges, Norene Between Lodges; great-grandparents, Walter & Nora Nellie (Frog) Between Lodges, and Francis & Evelyn (Janis) Long Soldier; and great-great grandparents, Vivian Good Voice Flute and Alex Good Voice Flute.

Pallbearers will be Corby Long Soldier, Toby Long Soldier, Tony Long Soldier, Antone Bad Heart Bull, Anfernee Bad Heart Bull, Jaedon Long Soldier, Jason Long Soldier, Raymond Black Elk, Wylie Blacksmith-Janis, Andy Weston, Charly Long Soldier, and Michael Little Wolf.

Honorary pallbearers will be all search & rescue teams, all emergency management workers, the Slim Butt horseback riders, Goings family, Avril Pulliam, the mercantile workers, Sister Barb Bogenschutz, Heidi Marlin, Eric Sutton, Mary & Leon Schwartz, Rosie Beane, Julie “Mama” Richards & crew: Leah Goings, Marvin “Pops” Goings, Stevie, Kars, Beverly, Glenn, Max, Emilio, Lorrell, Jantana, Julie, DJ, & lil’ Marty, Mary Weasel Bear (MMIW), Theda Ten Fingers & family, Pamela Ten Fingers, Gilson Ten Fingers & family, Karen Blacksmith, Lenora Blacksmith, Daniel New Holy, Jr. (Odom), Caroline New Holy, Renny Good Lance, Valerie Janis & Family, Faye Charging Thunder, Hilda Kills Small & family, Bobbi Martin, DeNato Two Bulls, Floydine Two Bulls, Julie Warrior & family, Latonia Little Spotted Horse, Dondee Amiotte & Family, Iva Good Voice Flute, Preston Good Voice FluteAngel Dreaming Bear, Leah Two Bulls, Dusty Winters, Leilani Long Soldier, Medicine Wheel, Julie Blacksmith & family, Ola Featherman & family, Precious Featherman & family, Iris Between Lodges & family, CI Mike Carlow, Darlis Morrison  & family, Mac Hinton & family, Lynette Greybull, Gina Greybull, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD