City Council Endorses Plan For Chadron Creative District

     The Chadron City Council has agreed to formally support establishment of a Creative District in the city and act as its administrative arm for handling hoped-for grants.

      Northwest Nebraska Tourism Director Kerri Rempp says creative districts are a new program established last year by the legislature and run by the Nebraska Arts Council with state funding for grants.

A creative district is a well-defined geographic area with a high concentration of resources and activities. Rempp says the proposed Chadron district meets that definition with room to spare.

Rempp says each creative district must be formed as a partnership.

Rempp says the Dawes County Commissioners and Chadron State College President Dr Randy Rhine had already shown great enthusiasm for the creative district concept before she took it to the city council.

Rempp says the first step is a one-page letter of interest to the Arts Council, which if approved would lead to submission of an Eligibility Assessment reviewed by Arts Council staff and an outside review committee.

       Districts that clear the process are certified for 5 years and given an initial $10,000 Certification Grant. They can then apply for other grants. Rempp feels good about Chadron’s chances.

Grants will be available for infrastructure, public art, events signs, and marketing among other uses.