County Commissioners Approve $110,000 In ARPA Funds For Whitney Irrigation District


    The Dawes County Commissioners have approved giving $110,000 in ARPA pandemic recovery funds to the Whitney Irrigation District to help with the local match for a grant to replace a failing pipeline and the head gates at the Whitney Dam.

     Irrigation District President Ron Pelton says replacing the nearly 70-year old steel pipe is almost, but not quite an emergency.

Pelton says State Senator Steve Erdman of Bayard helped the Whitney District apply for a state grant from a fund created specifically for such projects.

Pelton says the $110,000 from the county’s share of ARPA money means the irrigation district can begin work as soon as this summer’s irrigation season is over.

Pelton says the Whitney District is eligible for up to $5-million dollars in FAST grants and is getting ready to apply for another for other projects.

The Whitney Irrigation District provides surface water to irrigate some 7,140 acres of farmland in northwest Dawes County.