Crawford City Council Agenda June 8, 2021


Agenda for June 8, 2021 at 6:30 PM Crawford City Hall

  1. Call to Order / Roll Call
  1. Pledge of Allegiance
  1. A copy of the Open Meetings Act is posted on the wall in the Council Chambers. It is also available in pamphlet form upon request from City Hall and can be found at:
  1. Approval of Minutes of May 25, 2021 regular Council meeting
  1. Board Reports

Golf, Park. Rodeo, Ponderosa Villa, Hospital Board, SWANN, NNDC, Chamber of Commerce, Cultural Center

  1. Update on weed-spraying
  1. Discuss/approve/disapprove terms for notice of sale of surplus tin
  1. Discuss/approve/disapprove hire of Amanda Vogel as seasonal golf clubhouse employee
  1. Update on elevator on First Street
  1. Chet Fullerton: millings from the State
  1. Ginger Fleming: discuss Wacipi activities and plans
  1. Discuss/approve/disapprove hire of lifeguard(s)
  1. Discuss/approve/disapprove building permits Jennifer Dean for a cement step with roof at 706 Second Street Mariah Nelson for a fence at 120 Ash Street Lisa Stocker for a house, deck, garage, driveway, sidewalk and fence at 1003 Second Street Anthony Storbeck for a driveway, sidewalk and block retaining walls at 807 Fifth Street
  2. Tamara Wohlers: matters regarding Farmer’s Market
  1. Approve/disapprove Plumbers Permit for Jock Faris (Faris Plumbing and Heating Inc.)
  1. Approve/disapprove pay request to Paul Reed Construction
  1. Approve/disapprove request for CDBG project funds
  1. Approve Treasurer’s Report
  1. Approve Bills/Claims
  1. Adjournment