Dawes County Releases List Of Open And Closed County Roads


Dawes County Highway Superintendent Wade Yada says county crews remain hard at work doing their best to get all roads open. Here is the list of Dawes County roads and their status at noon Monday.

District 1 – Open Roads at least one lane

West Dakota Jct, East Dakota Jct, Stockade, Bartlett, Ormesher, McHenry, Beaver, Slim Buttes, Sheridan Gates, and Bordeaux

District 1 – Closed Roads

Airport, Alpha, Antelope, Assman, Barnum, Braddock, Carlson, Countyline, Davenport, East Table Egan, Goffena, Heesacker, Hughbanks, Kay, Krotz, Kudrna, Long, Pine View, Pinnt, Prairie Home, Ray, Redfern, Schommer, Shaffer, Speirs, Trinkle, Virginia, and Wayside

District 2 – Open Roads at least one lane 

Deadhorse, McGannon, Highland, Hereford, Camp Norwesca, Mann, Country Club (from Hwy 385 south .90 of a mile and open from Buttermilk going south to Hwy 385 – middle is still drifted shut), Table, Squaw Mound, East River, Table Center, Dunlap, Hollibaugh, Autogate, Mayflower, Elder, Cottonwood School, Old Dunlap (Lembke to County Line is closed), Pepper Creek, and Scherbarth

District 2 – Closed Roads

Dry Creek, Grantham, Flag Butte, Nixon, Buttermilk, Hawthorne, West River, Hough, Marchant (plowing now), Manley, Deihl, Kraenow, Lembke, Old Dunlap from Lembke to County Line is closed, Section Line, and Soester

District 3 – Open Roads at least one lane

Sawlog, Indian Creek, Crow Butte, Cut Across, Snook, Galey, Arner, Bethel, Bethel Loop, Eleson, Norman, Old Hwy 20, West Belmont, North Belmont, Brown, Corner, Dodd, Ferguson, Four Mile, Hartman, Horseshoe, Jones, Lawrence, Moody, Oetken, Raben, Smith, Squaw Creek, Rim Rock, Stewart, North Wayside, and South Wayside

District 3 – Closed Roads

Snus, Lone Tree, North Whitney Lake, Whitney Lake, West Bethel, Faulk, East Belmont, South Belmont, Bergfield, Betson, Breakneck, Cottonwood, Crown Butte, Daniels, Deadman, Dyer, Haynes, Holmgren, Lemmon, Mansfield, Mill, North Moody, Pinney, Rudloff, Toadstool, McMeekin, North Shore Drive, and Bethel Cut a Cross

Yada asks driver that if it’s at all possible to please remain off county roads so road crews can continue to remove snow and drifts to allow the roads to open.

He also asks for continued patience from all drivers and county residents while also thanking them for their understanding

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