Demolition Begins On Old Chadron Community Hospital


     After years of discussion on what should be done with the remaining sections of the old Chadron Community Hospital next to Wilson Park, demolition on the structure has begun in a process expected to take into early next year.

The northern portion of the old hospital, its newest section, was demolished a few years ago.

The hospital spent a couple years working on a proposal to turn the remaining structure into a memory care unit but the finances and logistics never came together. 

      Hospital CEO Nathan Hough says the hospital board has now reached the conclusion that removing the building that dates to 1927 for future development of the land is the best course of action.

Concerns had been raised in the past over the possibility of asbestos remaining in the building, but Hough says the building has cleared inspection.

Hough says the exact timetable for demolition will depend on the contractor, Buettner Construction, who will try to salvage as much as possible.

Hough has also asked Buettner to help him save a few historic points from the building.

Hough says the current board hasn’t decided what to do with the land after the demolition is completed.

Hough says if the decision is to build single-family homes or possibly duplexes, the hospital board will also need to decide if it will develop those projects itself, hire a developer, or sell the land. 

9 thoughts on “Demolition Begins On Old Chadron Community Hospital”

    • Absolutely! This was a community hospital. The land should be returned to the community. There’s enough crummy neighborhoods with low income housing in Chadron. They’re actively adding a bunch on Maple street. Return the property to the community!

  1. whats the real reason for tearing down the old hospital when it could be used for other things that are needed. hopefully not another bank how many do they need in a small town!

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