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Elaine Martinez

Funeral Services for 71-year old  Elaine Martinez are Monday, Sept 6, 2021 at 1:00 at the Martinez residence in Allen, SD, with Pastor Tim Wardell officiating and traditional Lakota services by Mr Justin Poor Bear & Mr. Francis White Lance

Burial is at the Martinez Family Cemetery in Allen

A two-night wake starts Sat, Sept 4, at 5:00 PM, also at the Martinez residence in Allen.

The family asks that everyone follow the guidelines of precautions against the spread of COVID 19. Masks and social distancing are required.

Elaine Martha Martinez was born on February 20, 1950 in Allen, SD to Theodore Poor Bear and Julia (Lone Wolf) Poor Bear. Elaine made her journey to the Spirit World on August 30, 2021 at the Bennett County Hospital in Martin, SD.

Elaine Martha Poor Bear-Martinez was born on the Poor Bear Homestead, East of Allen, SD, and grew up with 5 brothers and 5 sisters. 

She attended Boarding school at Holy Rosary and Pine Ridge. During the summers, the family would live and work in Alliance, NE, picking potatoes and beets. Elaine attended high school at OCS and later received her GED. She also attended OLC.

Elaine’s early work history started as a Head Start teacher for the tribe. She then worked for American Horse Day School as a teaching assistant for Kindergarten and 1st grade. She was a fluent Lakota speaker and loved teaching children the Lakota language, so she worked at American Horse School in the Lakota studies department.

Elaine also worked for various programs such as the Diabetes Prevention, Johnson O’Malley JTPA and as an OST Tribal Council Federal Monitor. 

Elaine was a humble Lakota woman who based her life on the teachings of Lakota philosophy. She represented the Lakota Oyate by serving on various tribal program boards such as the Oglala Sioux Tribe Public Safety Board, American Horse School Board, Oglala Lakota College Board and Local Board, Oyate TECA Board, Oglala Sioux Housing Board, and Public Safety Commission Review Board. 

She also served the Oyate in the political area as a politician for 40 years. She served as a Pass Creek District President, Vice-President, and East Bear Creek President. She served on the Oglala Sioux Tribe Council as a Representative. 

Elaine was a strong believer in the Lakota way of life and loved attending Wiwang Wacipi and believed very much in the prayer way of life. 

Elaine married Lindolf Martinez of Durango, Mexico in 1981 and was married for 40 years. She had four daughters and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Elaine will be deeply missed by family and friends.

Elaine is survived by her husband, Lindolfo Martinez; daughters, Mercy Dana Washington, Maria (Morico Cruz) Poor Bear-Cruz, Hermilla Martinez, and Lola Martinez; grandchildren, Nailah Washington, Alleyah Washington, Devon Washington, Yesenia Martinez, Elysia Herrera-Martinez, Mateo Gonzalez, TaCanku Cruz, Zuya Cruz, and Omar Lamar; great grandchildren, Messiah Washington, Ezekiel Washington, Andrew Washington, and Cassius Washington; sister/cousin, Colene Bald Eagle; Hunka relatives, Miguel Marrufo, Justin Poor Bear, Jamie Poor Bear, Angelo Poor Bear, Amaya Hacker, Michelle Curry, Manuel Acosta, Jackie Siers, Charla Cortier, and Drew Kills Back; and nieces, Cecile Poor Bear, Elaine Mato Tamaneca, Marty Hawkins, Julie Whirlwind Horse, Marsha Poor Bear, Julie Poor Bear, Beatrice Curry, Tina Buckman, Marsha Poor Bear, Irene Poor Bear, Miriam Jealous, Holly Quinn, Lori Whirlwind Horse, Tammy Whirlwind, Lala Whirlwind Horse, and Lisa Adair.

Elaine was preceded in death by her parents, Theodore & Julia Poor Bear; brothers, Orvil Whirlwind Horse, Douglas Poor Bear, Mike Poor Bear, Willard Poor Bear, and Roscoe Poor Bear; sisters, Darlene Poor Bear, Clara Garcia, Angie Reyes, and Myrtle; special nieces, Bobbie Hacker and Omari Washington; and grandparents, Felix & Jenny Lonewolf and Albert & Bessie Poor Bear.

Pallbearers will be James Cross, Richard Cross, Ron Cross, Wanbli Poor Bear, Tony Marrufo, Ramon Marrufo, Tony Poor Bear, Delbert Black Bear, Armando Tamayo, Omar Lamar, Mateo Gonzalez, TaCanku Cruz, Mauricio Curry, Devon Washington, Zuya Cruz, Manuel Acosta, Brenden Poor Bear, Elroy Cross.

Honorary pallbearers Suzanna Kills Back, Cleon Blue Bird, Phyliss Swift Hawk, Francine Big Crow, Tiny Decory, Lydia Bear Killer, Lorena Brave Hawk, Barb Elwood, Sandra Old Horse, Wilma Shot with Arrow & family, Lynore Longman, Faith Richards, Arlene Tallman, Amy Tallman, Angela Bush, Suzanna White Lance, Mary Jealous of Him, Miriam Hart,  Carmen White Horse, Anna Belle, Sharlene May, Sherry Yellow Boy, Pauline DuBray, Manuel & Mary Acosta, Rhonda Tallman, Mercy Makes Good, Dainna Red Owl, Susan Two Eagle, Sawee Frank, Marlene Brave Heart, Eli Brave Heart, Mary Jane Goggles, Deb Cross, Marie Black Bear, Alta Hill, Caroline Richards, Carol Bad Hand, Felice Witt, Carmelita DuBray, Isabelle Gaddie, Karen Ryder, Keena Clauseen, Manuel Fool Head, Gary Rouse, John Steele, Mason Big Crow, Carla No Neck, Deb Blue Bird, Sonya Little Hawk, Kevin Steele, Toby Big Boy, Craig & Bonnie, Eula Young & Melvin, Sam, Sarah, Delores, Diane, Hazel Wilson, Lea DuBray, Sophie & Vincent Lamont, Molly Risse, Emma Waters, Miriam & Chub White Mouse, Amanda & Lindell & family, Emily Sterkle, Mark Kelly, Emily Dillon, April Bryerly, Paige Petit, Tara Bettelyoun, Dr. James, Ron DuBray, Wynona Cottier, Amie Plenty Wolf, Dalton Rollins, Linda Garcia, Ricky Bobbie, Michael Cruz, Mario Cruz, Ray & Roberta Cruz, Solana Imitates Dog, Kody & Joray Hemminger, Barb Dull Knife, Doreen Moreno, Rita & J Prince, Chey Poor Bear, Lee Owen Red Shirt, Robert Red Shirt, Marietta Yellow Robe, Rose Youman, Helene Flood, Muggs Cross, Linda, Jenny, & Donald Tilden, Jason Lone Wolf, Tyson Tilden, Irene “Peewee” Fast Wolf, Tammy Cross, Don Mink & Wife, Lacosta Bad Wound & family, Tina Genereux, Amaris Makes Good, Erin Red Bear, Mona Pedregon, Milton Bianas, Gregoria Martinez, Silverio Tamayo, Eustacio Marrufo, Sr., Ralph Mendoza, Martinez family of Durango, Mexico, Nelson Sisters, Little Hawk Family, Black Bear Family, Paula Renteria, Veronica Tamayo, Conce Garren-Martinez, Crow Dog Sundancers, American Indian Movement, East Winds Casino Staff, Past & Present Tribal Council Members, Two Elk Family, Chris, Mo, & Shawn Hawkins, Destiny, Roman, Dominic, Bo, and Tiger Leftwich, Trevor, David, and Quentin Red Bear, Jevon, Tasina, and Arrow Hacker, Misty Standing Bear & children, Justin, Riley, Christian, Quanita, Mikayla, Gabriella, Angelina, Tyra Quinn, Jose Marrufo, Stacy, Juan, Antonio, Audie, Alianna, Tasha Cross, Keisha Cross, Tim Cross, Cordell, Chant, Shakyra Black Crow, Tammy & Jan Gregg, Julian Poor Bear, Michael Curry, Aaron Poor Bear, Julissa Poor Bear, Peaches, Mackenzie, & Marshall Gibbons, Amirah Hawkins, and All Friends & Relatives. 

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD

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