Emilio Red Elk


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Funeral services for 30-year old Emilio Red Elk are Sat, June 12, 2021 at 2:00 PM at the T&T Center in Wanblee, SD, with Father Ron Seminara, S.J, officiating and traditional Lakota services by Mr Richard Moves Camp

Burial is at Gethsemane Episcopal Cemetery in Wanblee

A one-night wake service starts Friday, June 11, at 2:00, also at the T&T Center in Wanblee

Emilio Joshua Red Elk was born on January 30, 1991 in Pine Ridge, SD to Harlon Red Elk and Heather Red Willow.  Emilio made his journey to the Spirit World on June 2, 2021 near Hisle, SD.

Emilio is survived by his mother, Heather Red Willow; daughter, Cassidy Gilbert; siblings, Lorenzo Red Elk, Marlon White Feather, Sr., Halley White Feather, and Lonte Ashley; aunts, Donna, Pam, Judy, Charolette, Pauletta, and Charla Red Willow; Chasity Bear Killer, Sheila LaMont, Christine Means, Katrina Red Willow, Michelle Red Willow, Martina, and Marina Jack, Nichole Sanchez, Percetta Red Willow, and Janet Whiting; uncles, Calvin, Ernest, and Howard Red Elk, Ron Little Thunder, Brent LaMont, Jason Jack, Jay Red Willow, Joseph Chief Bear, Jr., Dom & Dion Means, Ace Knight, Gary Red Willow, Tim & Antone Sanchez, Marlon & Micah Jack, & Charlie Poor Bear; grandparents, Nancy Red Willow, Jim & Francine Red Willow, Pete Red Willow, Martha Red Willow, Twila Jack, Patrick Jack, Martin Jack, Cheryl One Feather, Janice One Feather, Janice Red Willow, Danelle Two Eagle, Esther Iron Cloud, and Deborah Red Willow; and cousin, Brianna Bettelyoun.

Emilio was preceded in death by his father, Harlon Red Elk; brother, Layton Ashley; grandparents, Roy Black Feather, Gary Red Willow, Steven Red Elk, Clement Jack, Alan Jack, Leslie Jack, Bertha Red Willow, Joshua Lipp, Vivian Chipps, Tom Poor Bear, and Priscilla Means; uncles, Alan Red Willow, Joe Red Willow, Rodger Red Elk, and Robert Poor Bear; aunts, Lydia White Feather, Rosalie Red Elk-Little Thunder, and Marlene Tools; and cousins, Charles Red Willow and Doug White Feather.

Pallbearers will be Lonte Ashley, Marty Waters, Jr., Deynon Red Willow, Emery Little Thunder, Jesse Andrews, Kenny Stands, Garrik Stands, Amos Bettelyoun, Antone Sanchez, and Christian Means.

Honorary pallbearers will be Frank Palfy, Jessica Palfy, Mike Palfy, Juanita Red Willow, Hannah Rodriguez, Wojapi Red Willow, Lavonne Mesteth & Family, Rachel Mesteth & Family, James Bull Bear & Family, Charlene White Feather & Family, Darnell Martinez & Family, Josey & Jolene White Feather, Annie Red Elk & Family, Bernard Moves Camp, Leslie Ashley & Family, Barbara Iron Road & Family, Sylvia Shaw & Family, Reva High Horse & Family, Cindy Milk & Family, Joyce Whiting, Phyliss DeSersa, Daniel Two Bulls, William Bettelyoun & Family, Caroline Bettelyoun & Family, Darlene Wilcox & Family, Theresa Wilcox & Family, Pumpkin Seed Family, Ashley Family, Yellow Elk Family, Charging Crow Family, Crazy Horse School Class of 2010, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD