Ford Supply Chain Issues Leads Chadron To Try Again On Buying New Police Cruiser


     It’s not quite back to square one for the Chadron Police Department in trying to get a new cruiser, but it’s in the neighborhood.

    The City Council awarded a $38,000 contract in January to Wahlstrom Ford for a V-6 Hybrid SUV, but after waiting for months for word about the SUV, Police Chief Rick Hickstein was told this fall that Ford hadn’t built it because of supply chain issues.

      Instead, the manufacturer canceled the order and the City Council on Monday rescinded the resolution awarding the contract and passed a new one approving essentially identical specifications for bids on a similar unit. 

    The City Council Monday also ok’ed specifications for a new ambulance for the Chadron VFD. 

     Chief Brandon Martens says the department had already been contacted by several firms and that bids will be opened on November 1st with a special council meeting later that afternoon to award the bid and help ensure the earliest possible delivery.

2 thoughts on “Ford Supply Chain Issues Leads Chadron To Try Again On Buying New Police Cruiser”

  1. This has to be really a bad deal for so many people including our police departments, firemen,medical facilities, families, dealerships, etc.

  2. at least they’re not tesla’s!


    we just bought a 2022 hybrid ford explorer used but low miles (only 1312). it has served us well. highly recommended for the CPD!

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