Fortenberry Found Guilty After Just 2 Hours Of Jury Deliberation

     It took a federal jury in California just over 2 hours Thursday to find Nebraska Congressman Jeff Fortenberry guilty of lying to federal authorities about an illegal $30,000 contribution to his campaign from a foreign billionaire at a 2016 Los Angeles fundraiser. 

      Specifically, Fortenberry was convicted of 2 counts of making a false statement to a government agency and one count of falsifying or concealing material facts. He faces up to 5 years in prison on each count when sentenced June 28. 

     The 9-term Republican was charged after 2 interviews in 2019 with FBI agents who were investigating foreign billionaire Gilbert Chagoury. The defense argued at trial that Fortenberry was set up by FBI agents and that prosecutors twisted his words.

      Fortenberry showed no emotion as the verdict was read but his youngest daughter began sobbing uncontrollably in the front of the gallery as her mother tried to console her. After the jury left the courtroom, he walked over to his wife Celeste and the 2 of their 5 daughters who were present and hugged them.

     Outside the courthouse, Fortenberry said the process had been unfair and he would appeal immediately, but would not say if he would suspend his campaign for reelection, only that he was going to spend time with his family.

     Lead prosecutor and Assistant U-S Attorney Mack Jenkins said “it was a good day for the criminal justice system” with the verdict showing that even lawmakers have to follow the laws they make and that “We hold them to a higher standard.” 

     Jenkins also said there was ample recorded evidence in the case and the jury’s swift verdict vindicated the prosecution’s view that “it was a simple story, a politician caught up in the cycle of money and power (who) lost his way.”

      The 61-year old Fortenberry didn’t testify, but his wife of 26 years did. She offered anecdotes about his forgetfulness, said cell service at their home is “spotty,” and explained they just returned from overseas shortly before both FBI interviews/

      She also said her husband “loathed” fundraising calls and is often on “auto-pilot” doing other tasks while taking them. 

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