Fortenberry Gets Second Challenger


      A second challenger has entered the Republican primary against Nebraska 1st District Congressman Jeff Fortenberry.

Retired Air Force Lt Colonel John “Glen” Weaver retired Tuesday after more than 2 decades in the service and filed for the election on Wednesday.

Weaver joins broadcast media owner and State Senator Mike Flood in opposing a 10th term for Fortenberry, who is awaiting trial for lying to federal agents investigating an illegal $30,000 donation to his 2016 reelection campaign.

     An ROTC graduate of the University of Wyoming who flew combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, Weaver emphasizes that he’s not a career politician and is running to serve his country and community.

       In announcing his run, Weaver took potshots at both Fortenberry and Flood without mentioning them by name – saying “I’m not someone whose self-interest and political interest has them pursuing a congressional seat because of a colleague’s indictment.

     Weaver’s wife is a doctor at the University of Nebraska Medical Center/Nebraska Medicine, and the couple has a young daughter.