Regents OK Alcohol At NU Athletic Events, But No Booze Planned For 2022 Football Games


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      The University of Nebraska Board of Regents voted unanimously Friday to allow chancellors and presidents in the University of Nebraska system to permit the sale of alcohol at athletic events.

     The vote rescinds a policy put in place in 1999 banning alcohol sales at Nebraska athletic events, but Friday’s action doesn’t mean alcohol will immediately be sold at all events.

     While there will be alcohol sales at the Big Ten Wrestling Championships at Pinnacle Bank Arena March 5 and 6, NU President Ted Carter says there will not be alcohol sales for football at Memorial Stadium this Fall.

     Carter says the school is not going to rush any decision and while there may be alcohol available for football at some point, it won’t be this year

      Carter emphasizes that “Opening our events to alcohol would be a decision made only after considering all parts of the equation.”

      He defines that as including the questions ‘Is there a business case there?’ ‘Are there the right safety protocols and infrastructure in place?’ ‘Is it in the best interest of our fans?’ ‘Is it in the best interests of the University of Nebraska?’