Foul Play Not Suspected In Unattended Home Death Of Country Kitchen Co-Owner


    38-year old Zachary Turbiville of Chadron, co-owner of the local Country Kitchen Restaurant, was found dead in his home Wednesday morning. 

      Dawes County Attorney/Coroner Vance Haug says an autopsy and toxicological testing have been ordered to determine the specific cause of death, adding there are no indications of foul play.

      Haug says family members became concerned when they couldn’t reach Turbiville by phone and went to his home about 9:00 am. They found him unresponsive and called 911,

      Chadron police responded with Haug called to the scene a little later. Their investigation – which included a review of the scene medical records, and witness statements – led Haug to his conclusion against foul play. 

      He asks that anyone who may have seen Turbiville in the hours before his death or who may have pertinent information contact the Chadron Police Department.

     Zack Turbiville was one of 4 Country Kitchen employees who purchased the restaurant last year from long-time owners Randy Horse and Donny Grantham.

      Another of the four, general manager John Nuno, died unexpectedly of natural causes last July. 

9 thoughts on “Foul Play Not Suspected In Unattended Home Death Of Country Kitchen Co-Owner”

  1. The COVID Vaccine strikes again. Anyone else find it strange that 2 owners from the Country kitchen are dead? Wake up Chadron…. Before its to late..

    • Totally agree there about the Vaccine. I am troubled though that this is the second death of a young person who even worked at the same establishment. I think Haug has some explaining to do.

    • how rude can you be? Have some respect for his family and the people that have worked with him.. not everything is about the vaccine. Grow up and get educated.

      • Is it rude to question an untimely death under suspicious circumstances? How were any of these comments rude or disrespectful? Most of us have grown up, and I believe we did get educated, no thanks to the MSM. Sorry, but wearing blinders won’t get you educated.

        • I would agree with you. If that were the case. Yet, you decide to be disrespectful to not only the recently passed, but his family, and his work family. Yes it was untimely and very, very unfortunate, but rather than leaving these comments to let the grieving pay their respects, instead you choose to fill it with unneeded comments about the vaccine and conspiracy theories that are not true. It’s disrespectful and rude to those that knew and loved the passed.

        • While I believe that you are entitled to your opinion. I don’t believe that you are correct in assuming that it’s due to the covid vaccine without any support or evidence. The covid vaccine, like the flu shot or chicken pox shot, is there to help support your body in fighting the virus off quicker and safer. His untimely passing was only three days ago and rather than allowing those that actually knew him, all who have commented about the covid vaccine- yes I am including myself in this- are choosing to argue over such a miniscule thing rather than offering our love and support in this difficult time. This is where I believe the disrespect comes in.

  2. 2 out of 4 owners are dead within a year? Seems sketchy af. I hope there’s some investigating going on because this is too much of a coincidence.

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