“Funny Money” Hits Chadron; Phony Bills Easy To Spot


     Chadron Police Chief Rick Hickstein is warning all businesses and residents about a reappearance of counterfeit money in the community over the past month.

      Chief Hickstein says phony $5, $20, and $100 bills have all been found – adding that they look real enough but are printed with the words Motion Picture Money or Copy Money.

    While it may take a magnifying glass or carefully studying the paper, ink, or security measure to identify the best counterfeit bills, they’re not needed to spot the Motion Picture or Copy Money.

     They’re sold openly and legally as novelties and for movies or plays because those words are printed in big letters across the top.

       Hickstein says the best thing people can do to help find those passing the “bad money” is to look closely when getting bills as part of a cash payment or change back from a transaction.

       Anyone  who comes across “Motion Picture Money” or “Copy Money” is asked to contact the Chadron Police Department immediately so that officers and investigators can work with you and attempt to locate the source of the fake currency. 

     The non-emergency phone number for the Chadron Police Department and the Communications Center is 308-432-0510

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