George Klein Appoint To Fill Chadron City Council Vacancy


     CPA George Klein has been appointed to fill the Chadron City Council vacancy created by the resignation of Keith Crofutt earlier this month.

Klein was the only person to submit their name for the position.

    Klein is a council veteran, having served from 2016-2020 and not seeking reelection. 

He will take the oath of office at the next council meeting in 2 weeks and serve until the new council is sworn-in after the November election. 

    The seat will be on the general election ballot for a 2-year term with Klein, as the incumbent, having until July 15th to file for the race. Challengers can file until August 20. 

    Klein is already running in the primary for a 4-year term and it was not clear in his letter of application for the 8-month appointment whether he plans to remain in that race or drop out and file for the 2-year term.

     It’s also still not clear if the losers in the primary will be allowed to run for the 2-year term since it was not an option at the primary filing date.