Goodwin Leaning Toward Impeachment Of Ravnsborg


      South Dakota State Representative Tim Goodwin of Rapid City says he’s shocked the House committee investigating whether Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg should be impeached over his fatal Sept 2020 car accident  turned down the opportunity to hear a detailed account of events. 

      State troopers told some 30 House members at an open briefing Wednesday on the accident investigation that when they’d appeared before the Select Committee on Investigation they were allowed to offer only written answers to questions and not to offer more extensive live explanations and observations.

      Goodwin says the committee’s decision to turn down a live presentation is “beyond the pale” and he wants the troopers to appear before the full House ahead of a final vote on impeachment.

      The Select Committee spent months examining Ravnsborg’s actions surrounding the accident to determine if impeachment is warranted, then concluded his conduct did not meet the criteria laid out in the state constitution for impeachment.

       The full House is scheduled to meet next Tuesday to consider the committee’s recommendation, and Goodwin has already said he believes Ravnsborg should be impeached. If the House passes Articles of Impeachment, the attorney general would stand trial before the State Senate.

         Ravnsborg is running for a second term this year, but faces stiff opposition in the Republican primary from his predecessor, Marty Jackley, who has been endorsed by most of the state’s law enforcement organizations and most of the top Republicans in South Dakota. 

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  1. Agree with you, Tim! Thanks for looking at the facts behind this accident as well the previous encounters Mr. R has had with the law!

    Larry and Jean Matthesen

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