Gordon Unveils 2-Year Budget With First Year A Billion Lower Than This Year


     Wyoming Gov Mark Gordon released his proposed 2-year budget on Monday and although the state has a somewhat rosier near-term economic outlook, the $2.3-billion dollar package calls for still more frugal state government following steep cuts last year.

       Gordon told a news conference that his goal is to have Wyoming “prepared to endure future revenue challenges, as they are all forecast in the long term.”

His proposal is $1-billion dollars less than the amended budget for this year.

     Gordon slashed the current budget amid plummeting global oil prices and the emerging COVID-19 pandemic, both of which delivered a hit to state revenue.

    Wyoming lawmakers will work from his proposed spending package as they head into next year’s legislative session that will focus mainly on crafting the state’s FY 23-24 biennial budget.