“History In Action Day” Is Sunday At The Dawes County Historical Museum


      The Dawes County Historical Society holds its 26th History in Action Day Sunday, Sept 25, from 12:30-4:00 at the Dawes County Historical Museum.

Admission is free, but donations are always appreciated. Lunch and pies are available for purchase and there’s also free ice cream.

     Spokesman Phyllis Carlson says as always, there are activities, demonstrations, and exhibits for all ages representing frontier life in Dawes County…but with a special focus for kids.

      Carlson is sad to report that one of the most popular activities, the apple cider press, won’t be available this year, but she thinks folks will find plenty of other things of interest.

     Many of the demonstrations underscore how difficult life was generations ago, when it might take days to plow fields that modern tractors can handle in just a few hours or when a trip to town and back might take all day.

     Visitors are encouraged to check out all the museum’s exhibits such as the Heesacker Toy Collection, one-room schoolhouse, and the unique Marcus Cain Equipment Collection.

       Among the newer exhibits are displays of homemade lace, a restored railroad cart, and beauty shop items next to the barber shop in Carpenter’s Cove.

      The Cove’s sister building is now fully open, housing the doll collection donated by Richard and Clara Erixon and the historic telephone equipment from Carl and Fawn Larsen

      The Dawes County Historical Museum is on the grounds of a farm donated to the Society for that purpose 3 miles south of Chadron just pass the golf course off Highway 385 on Country Club Road