History Nebraska Hires Coordinator For Historical Marker Program


      History Nebraska has hired a historian and adjunct Nebraska-Kearn faculty member as its first Historical Marker Equity Program Coordinator. Autumn Langemeier specializes in women’s history and material culture.

     History Nebraska in 2020 began a review of the text of the more than 570 historical markers in the state as part of its DEAI – Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, Inclusion – initiative for a more-complete telling of Nebraska history through those markers. 

     Langemeier says the state has a much more diverse history than is represented by most of its markers, and the program she will now head will “fill in the gaps and represent the full nature of Nebraska history for all Nebraskans.

      The Legislature last year allocated funds to help History Nebraska in identifying diverse stories that can be told with the historical markers. The money will offset the costs of new and replacement markers meeting the criteria of the Equity Program.