Nebraska State Chamber Of Commerce Unveils Legislative Priorities


       The Nebraska Chamber of Commerce and Industry laid out its priorities for the current legislative session yesterday, focusing heavily on improving Nebraska’s economy, workforce attractiveness, and tax base in comparison to other states.

       State Chamber President Bryan Slone told a virtual news conference that Nebraska is in a remarkable position coming out of the pandemic and is probably as competitive as any other state, but that the clock is ticking on some issues that must be addressed.

      Slone said the state has a 3-year window to use federal COVID stimulus funds “to make game-changing differences in the trajectory of our economy and the economic opportunity for the citizens of Nebraska.”

      The State Chamber’s “Good Life Game Changer” plan focuses on 5 areas: issues in workforce development, defining future infrastructure, driving innovation, empowering communities, and modernizing the tax system. 

      Three state senators – John Arch, Mike Flood, and Anna Wishart – are sponsoring the legislation to implement the Chamber plan. 

       Slone said making changes now would set the stage for the state’s economic future and prosperity for the next 20-to-30 years and deal with what Wishart called “the abyss of 2030.”

      That’s the year studies project the number of Nebraska 65 and older will exceed those 18 and younger with more people leaving the workforce than entering it.