Husker Football Fans Want Wider Seats, More Legroom, Alcohol Sales


      A survey sent to more than 220,000 Nebraska football fans and donors earlier this year asking what they like and dislike the most at Memorial Stadium and what changes they liked to see had some interesting results.

       About 22,000 surveys were completed and nearly 3/4ths want or would have no problem with alcohol sales while more than half would be OK with on-site sports wagering if it becomes legal someday. 

      On the other hand, if you take out those who are neutral on the gambling issue, 40% oppose it and only 31% support it. 

      Alcohol sales had its strongest support among those under 25 with 46% saying they’d attend more games if booze were available. 31% of those 25-54 feel the same, but only 8% of those 55-74 and 3% of those over 75 would come more often.

     Consider the most important gameday element at Memorial Stadium at 38% is seat comfort, but 77% of respondents said it’s also the element that could be improved. WiFi and mobile connectivity was #2 at 24%.

    As for why those attending 3 or fewer games a year don’t go to more, seat comfort and cost tied with 42% each followed by the distance they have to travel at 34% – just ahead of the 33% who cited the on-field performance of the Huskers.

     The survey also gauged interest in several possible new types of seats. The most popular were ledge seating with individual seats along a drink rail and club seats with more legroom and individual chairs having wider padded seats.

       Cited as the most-needed features of new or upgraded seating were wider seats with more legroom. One comment offered a basic suggestion – “Just need to make the current benches more comfortable.