Interim Director Named For SD Division Of Criminal Investigation


      South Dakota Attorney General Mark Vargo has named Chad Mosteller as the interim Director of the DCI – Division of Criminal Investigation. He’s been the DCI Assistant Director for Administrative Operations since last December. 

     Mosteller worked as a college intern at DCI in the late 1990s and has been with the agency full-time since August 2002, serving in such positions as a special agent, supervisory agent, and Administrator of Law Enforcement Training.

    Vargo, appointed AG by Gov Kristi Noem late last month after the impeachment conviction of Jason Ravnsborg, says he’s worked with Mosteller for almost 20 years and has always appreciated his credibility and thoughtfulness.

     Vargo says he also knows Mosteller will be a true sounding board for him, providing the information he needs to know, not necessarily the information he wants to hear.

     Vargo spent last week traveling statewide to meet with DCI agents and came away convinced the DCI remains the preeminent law enforcement agency in South Dakota with Mosteller and field operations Assistant Director Cam Corey a large reason why.

     He says they work together well and have demonstrated strong leadership to help DCI maintain its high standards of professionalism, integrity, and diligence. 

     Mosteller will serve as interim DCI director through Vargo’s tenure as Attorney General, which ends Jan. 6th.. The Attorney General being elected in November is scheduled to be sworn in the next day.