It’s Good Friday But Not Tax Day

     Today is Good Friday. It is a holiday in a few places and which is part of Easter Break for some schools including the Chadron Public Schools – which also have Monday off. 

     Chadron State College has classes today but a one-day Spring Break on Monday to coincide with the Easter Weekend.

     Today is also the traditional deadline for filing income taxes. Over the past two years, the IRS extended the tax filing deadline because of the COVID-19 pandemic, giving Americans extra breathing room to wrap up their returns. 

     This year, Tax Day returns to almost its regularly scheduled deadline, but because of the holiday calendar for Washington, DC, returns aren’t due until Monday – April 18.

    That’s also the deadline for making IRA contributions if you want them to count for the taxes due on Monday.

     For those who need more time, filing for an extension is quick and straightforward and will give you until October 17 to send your tax return to the IRS.