It’s Time To Think About Garden Seeds


On the first Monday of each month Chadron State College Horticulturist Lucinda Mays is my guest on Sound Off. Today’s program was about where to purchase garden seeds and how to ensure you are buying a quality product that will come true from seed. You can listen to the program for the next week on our podcast page here. Click on the Monday Sound Off program; you can even download it if you like.

Our conversation sparked considerable interest on where to buy seeds, or more specifically what a few of our favorite companies are. I was asked to put something online so here it is. This is not an endorsement of any particular company, nor are we receiving any type of compensation, just a list of a few of the companies Lucinda or myself have bought from in the past.

This is one of Lucinda’s Favorites, in part because of the growing guides included in their catalog. The “About Us” page on their website is worth a read – it’s an interesting story. You can visit them online at

Lucinda recommended Brent and Becky’s because of their extensive knowledge of bulbs and the varieties that are available. You can visit them online at

Johnny’s is perhaps my favorite and one of the most respected seed companies in the industry. They cater to professional growers, which means they sell in bulk, but anyone can also buy seed in smaller packages. Make sure and check out the “Growers Library” on their website. It is packed full of useful information. Visit them online at

On the Sound Off program I said that Baker Creek is a Nebraska based company. That was incorrect, they are actually a Missouri company. They specialize in heirloom seeds and offer a large variety, including some unusual or hard to find items. You can visit them online at

MIgardner is run by a couple in Michigan. They have a big online presence – you will find many youtube videos with great growing ideas. They also just underwent a complete remodel of their online store. Ordering is very easy and most seeds are $2.00 per packet. Visit them online at

Another mention was Totally Tomatoes and I’ll throw in Pepper Joe’s as a great source of specialty peppers as well.

Most of the companies mentioned have printed catalogs that can be ordered and all of them offer online ordering. If you have experience with a seed company that you would like to share, tell us about it in the comments below.

Happy Gardening,

Jeff Wing