Jonathan Haas


Funeral services for 23-year old Jonathan Haas are  Friday, May 26, 2023 at 11:00 at Joyner Hall in Pine Ridge, SD.

Burial will be at Holy Cross Episcopal Cemetery in Pine Ridge.

A one-night wake service starts Thurs, May 25, at 3:00 at Joyner Hall in Pine Ridge.

Online condolences may be left at

Jonathan James Haas was born on April 15, 2000 in Pine Ridge, SD to DeShea Tracke-Janis and John Leo Haas.  Jonathan made his journey to the Spirit World on May 17, 2023 at the Monument Health Hospital in Rapid City, SD. 

Jonathan is survived by his mother DeShea (Rob) Janis; siblings Devin White Plume-Janis and Christopher White Plume-Janis; grandmothers Lorraine Tracke and Maxine Running Hawk; grandfathers Bill Pulliam, Louie Janis, and Arthur Brady; aunts Zelda, Biloria, Rosie, and Toni Pulliam and Tammy Condon; uncles Billy Joe Haas, Sody, Bully, and Kelly Pulliam, and Lester Walking Jr, Clifford Grass Jr, Zack and Julian Yellow Boy, and Ron Slow Bear; and hunka sisters Trinity Janis, Annie Janis, and Margaret Janis.

Jonathan was preceded in death by his father John Haas; grandmother Karen Running Hawk; grandfathers Leonard “Budda” Haas and James Tracke; auntie mom Gilma Haas; grandparents Lenora Bear Robe, Lydia Haas, and Floyd (Lorita) Running Hawk Sr; uncle, Nathan Tracke Sr; and auntie Valerie Tracke.

Pallbearers will be Trinity Janis, Nika Santistevan, Riley Randall, Sierra Bagola, Mercedes Martin, Selena Tobacco, Kayli DuBray, Taya DuBray, Shayna American Horse, Kylynn Slow Bear, Jessica Poor Bear, and Patricia Bad Milk. 

Honorary pallbearers will be Kylo Brings Plenty, Brandon Brings Plenty Jr, Zenaya and Azizha, Kristopher Bagola, Shelly Jack, Baby Dan Bad Milk, Dominic Slow Bear, Tkiya Slow Bear, Kaleb Slow Bear, Joyce Bear Robe & Family, Clarissa Steele & Family, Tesquanna & MaKenzie Steele, Maxine & Louis & Family, Esther & Isaac Santistevan & Family, Millie James Tracke & Family, Brenda Blackwater & Family, Angie Brewer & Family, Teresa Mesteth & Family, Karen Long & Family, Nathan Tracke, Marilyn Red Cloud & Family, Gaylene Bordeaux, Summer Lame, Faye Pulliam & Family, Dakota Pond, DeAmbra Shots, Tayza Brave Heart, Katara Brewer, June Catches, Sarah Dilley, Wilbur Two Dogs, Linda Two Two & Family, Sylva Two Two & Family, Reno Red Cloud & Family, Emma Gallego & Family, Annie Gallego & Family, Carla & Toby Big Boy & Family, Karen Long & Family, White Woman Family, Lavina, Jesse, Esquiel, and Enez Brady, Martin & Jolene Brady & Family, Shirley Blackwater & Family, Melissa Blackwater & Family, Raedean White Calf & Family, Larissa & Blane & Family, Madison & Family, Naomi Condon, Nonalita White Plume & Family, Simone Little Hawk & Family, Sonia Little Hawk & Family, Lexus, Lloyd Big Crow & Family, Myrna Rodriguez & Family, Galen Bordeaux & Family, Sherry Martin & Family, Louise Pulliam & Family, Shawn Pulliam & Family, Dawn Rose Two Bulls & Kids, Shelly Crazy Thunder & Family, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD