Jordan Seda-Beane


Funeral services for 30-year old Jordan Seda-Beane are Wed, Sept 21, 2022 at 1:00 at the Joyner Hall in Pine Ridge, SD, with traditional Lakota services by Mr Joe Swift Bird

Burial is at Holy Rosary Mission Catholic Cemetery in Pine Ridge, SD

A two-night wake service begins with the first night starting Monday, Sept 19, at 1:00 at the Wounded Knee District School in Manderson, SD. The second night starts Tues, Sept 20, at 1:00 at Joyner Hail in Pine Ridge, SD

Jordan Charles Seda-Beane“Mni Akicita Hoksila” was born on November 22, 1991 in Alliance, NE, to Lucy Seda and Ronald Beane Sr. Jordan made his journey to the Spirit World on September 4, 2022n in Rapid City, SD.

Jordan is survived by his mother, Lucy Seda; aunts, Jovita, Tammy, and Maggie Seda; grandfather, Greg Seda; special nieces, Molly & Violet Janis, and Starly Cuny; his paternal relatives: sisters, Sunni Lynn, Cissee Jo, and Becky Rae; brothers, Brandon Gene, and Ronald Kevin Jr.; aunts, Jenny (Lenny) Beane, Lynette (Dave) Crow, Ann Marie Beane, and Rosie Beane; uncle, Billy Joe Beane; cousins, Winona, Joellen, Aimee, Meg, Beaver, Tessie, Shrae, Dani Rae, Philip, Patrick, Billy, Norman, Michael, Ramauna, Lessanes, Mason, Dakota, Emilio, Kahliga, Carl, Cole, and Hayden; grandmothers, Rose Peoples, Darlene Rogers, and Marvina Matske; grandfather, George LaMont; and numerous aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins, who loved him very much.

Jordan was preceded in death by his father, Ronald Kevin Beane Sr; maternal grandmother, Regina Looks Twice, and maternal great-grandparents, Leo & Lucy (Black Elk) Looks Twice; his paternal relatives: grandparents Delilah Lou LaMont-Beane, Billy Beane, Nada Eagle Bull, Cheyenne Nichols, Lawrence “Buddy” LaMont, Shorty LaMont, and Richard Lee LaMont; great-grandparents Lawrence LaMont and Agnes White Buffalo; great-great-grandparents George LaMont and Jenny Apple; aunts Tyrell Jean Ringing Shield, and Tina LaMont; uncles James Ringing Shield, Ernie Goings, and Ronnie Matske; and cousin, Cody White Pipe.

Pallbearers will be James Cuny, Sherman DeSersa Jr, Tim Ghost, Thomas Rowland, Daniel Villareal, Shane Looks Twice, John LaDeaux Jr, Clayton Gibbons, Al Two Two, Jason Two Two, Delmar Wilson, Ty Bettelyoun, Aaron Eagle Bull, Aimee White Pipe, and Philip Rowland.

Jr Pallbearers will be Mason Russ, Dakota, Emelio, Kahliga, Carl, Manson, Baby All 22, Precious, Tyson, Danny, Ava Marie, Derek, Triston, Leander, and Liam.

Honorary pallbearers will be Anthony McLuasky, Scott Roy, Alex Two Lance, Rico Ramos, Les Iron Hawk, Les Cuny, Travis Lone Hill & Family, Paul Goings, Jonathan Laced Up, Franklin Ghost, Red Boy (Natalie) Means, Roger & Tyson Mills, Anthony Rowland Jr, David Gibbons Jr, Cruz Gibbons, Sean Ghost, Ben Smoke J., Lucas Thunder Hawk, Frankie Villareal, Laci Roy, Kevin Steele & Family, Grandpa Georgie Looks Twice, Georgine Looks Twice & Family, Virginia Black Elk, Frank & Angie Ghost, Sara & Emma Clifford, George & Delores Star & Family, Arlin Janis & Family, Lawrence & Liz Janis & Family, Mikki & Chris Cuny & Family, Summer & Jim Whirlwind Horse & Family, Sheena Jenkins & Family, Tina Baldomaro & Family, Garf Steele & Family, Josh Steele & Family, Sherman DeSersa & Family, Clifton DeSersa & Family, Aaron DeSersa & Family, Olivia DeSersa & Family, Auntie Murf White Butterfly & Family, Hermania Good Voice Flute & Family, Monica Good Voice Flute & Family, Colleen Steele & Family, Gordy Looks Twice Sr & Family, Mary Lee Lutz, Tim Anderson, Haroldine Jack & Family, Lisa Rowland, Grandparents: Roberta, Starlette and Delores Jumping Eagle & Families, Tiny & Dave Pourier & Family, Junior Rodriguez & Family, Kathy & Sonny G. & Family, Trenton Taylor, Desiree Menard & Family, Jodi Fire Thunder, Howard Little Dog, Leanne, Twila & Stephanie Keester & Families, Theda DeLao, Steph Bolanos, Uncle Phillip Jumping Eagle & Family, Jodi Hopkins, William Kills Enemy, Robert Kills Enemy & Family, Faye Kills Enemy & Family, Don Cuny & Family, Marrietta Red Feather & Family, Lynn Gibbons & Family, Brandon McBride, Alex Looks Twice & Family, Tessa & Pat Kalili, Jennifer Janis & Family, Lori & Casey Provost, Leroy Looks Twice Jr & Family, Elaine Matotamahecha & Family, John LaDeaux, Sr., Rico Seda & Christina Gonzales, George Villareal, David Gibbons, Sr. & Family, Leo Villareal, Lucette Villareal, Lucetta Looks Twice, Amanda Hollow Horn & Family, Maybel Hollow Horn & Family, Breezy Richards & Family, Iva Looks Twice & Family, Summer Marshall, Jackie Looks Twice & Family, Lisa Lone Hill & Family, Sherry Martin & Family, Bobby Martin & Family, Louise & Byron DeSersa & Family, Rashard Brown & Family, Catalina Rodriguez & Family, Colleena Rodriguez, Phelps Families, Alcantar Families, Hollow Horn Families, Two Lance Family, Villareal Families, Looks Twice Families, Roy Families, Carleen Crow, Nellie Long & Family, White Pipe Families, LaMont Families, Davis Families, Crazy Thunder Families, Kimberly Standing Soldier, Marnie Waters & Family, Michelle Hagen & Family, Delpha Two Bulls & Girls, Dez, Leona, Vanessa, Guy, and Devyn Lambert, All of his friends that he hooped with from job corps to Pine Ridge, to Standing Rock, and all people he shared his good food ~ Our Jord was always cheffing, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD