Julius “Beau” Titus III


Funeral services for 42-year old Julius “Beau” Titus III are Monday, Dec 6, 2021 at noon in Joyner Hall in Pine Ridge, SD

Burial is at the Holy Cross Episcopal Cemetery in Pine Ridge

A one-night wake service starts Sunday, Dec 5, at 11:00, also at Joyner Hall in Pine Ridge

Julius Edgar “Beau” Titus III was born on June 6, 1970 in Pine Ridge, SD to Julius E. Titus, Jr. and Charlotte Running Horse. Julius made his journey to the Spirit World on November 28 at the IHS Hospital in Pine Ridge, SD. 

Julius is survived by his mother, Charlotte Running Horse; daughters, Ariana and Hailey Titus; sons, Joey Brave Heart, Graydon Titus, and Landon Titus; and siblings, Richard White Calf, Tidy White Calf, and Brian Running Horse.

Julius was preceded in death by his father, Julius E. Titus, Jr.; siblings, Elizabeth P. Titus, Ruth A. Titus, and Tony Running Horse; and uncles, Don Titus, Daniel Titus, Matthew Chaske Titus, and Tilmer Titus.

Pallbearers will be Phil Iron Cloud, Ian Ten Fingers, Robert Red Bear, Billy Brewer, Donroy Titus, Sr., Clyde Blacksmith, Larry Benson, and Lance Benson.

Honorary pallbearers will be Little Hawk families, Titus families, Black Elk families, Natalie Lance & family, Marla Day Boy & family, Joyce Fisherman & family, Kills Small families, Richard Broken Nose & family, Henry & Nora Brings Him Back & family, Sylvia Yellow Thunder & family, Wilma Colhoff & family, Phillip & Violet Good Crow & family, Terri & Bonnie Returns, Betty Waters & family, Red Feather families, Charlotte Frogg & family, Francine Broken Nose & family, Richards families, Henry & Helen Lodge, Louie Janis & family, Ernie & Liz Little & family, Marvin Runs Above, Benny’s Concession II, Rochelle Running Horse, George Running Horse, Jr., Doug Bissonette, Jamie Goings, Hattie He Crow, Tobacco families, Brave Heart families, Blacksmith families, Marie & Valentino Makes Him First, Cheyenne Creek Singers, “Chicken Hut” Snowy Schneider, Lawrence Thomas, Beanie White, Terrance Fisherman, Trista Janis & family, Lapita He Crow & family, Greg Hewitte, Garnette Titus, JD Spotted Bear & family, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD