Karen “Sandra” Charging Thunder


Memorial services for 69-year old Karen “Sandra” Charging Thunder are Friday, November 12, 2021 at 2:00 at the Gordon City Auditorium in Gordon, NE, with the Rev Donald Mink officiant

Burial is at the Gordon City Cemetery

A two-night wake starts Wednesday, November 10, 2021 at 9:00 PM, also at the Gordon City Auditorium.

Karen “Sandra” (Ree) Charging Thunder was born to Arnold Ree and Verine Bear Robe on February 21, 1952, in Julesburg, Colo, She left this world tragically on November 4, 2021, at Monument Hospital due to a fatal heart attack.  She had also been battling lung cancer which she was optimistic she would beat.

Sandra’s parents were working as migrant farm workers picking fruit in Julesburg when she entered this world prematurely from a tragic car accident that took the life of her father. She was named after 2 of the nurses who helped bring her into this world. 

Sandra grew up in Gordon where she was raised mostly by her grandmother Virginia (Long Soldier) Bear Robe. She grew up with her cousin, Maxine Charging Thunder, and her aunt, Lucille Long Soldier, both of whom were near her age and with whom she made many memories. 

Sandra married Virgil Charging Thunder on January 2, 1970, and they had 3 children: Sonya (Plenty Wounds), David Charging Thunder, and Tanya (Running Hawk). She lost her husband in 1997 and never remarried, but she adopted and raised her grandson Kane Byrd as her own.

Sandra was a homemaker most of her life. but held several positions outside the home from secretary to Head start teacher aide to housekeeper. She tried being a CNA, but quickly realized that she didn’t have the stomach for it. 

Sandra always had a bed for the homeless and kept an open door to many a stranded stranger. She would cook meals for her many house guests and share stories as well as her good humor.

Sandra was preceded in death by her mother, Verine Bear Robe; father, Arnold Ree; maternal grandparents, Noah & Virginia (Long Soldier) Bear Robe; paternal grandparents, Hugh Ree & Julia Kills In Water; sister, Irma No Moccasin; niece, Eileen (No Moccasin) Rutiaga; brother, Arnold Eagle Deer; aunt, Lucille Long Soldier-Few Tails; uncles, Leo Bear Robe and Myron Long Soldier; cousin, Tracy Underhill; grandsons, Joey Morales and Michael Plenty Wounds; and numerous other uncles, aunts, and cousins.

Survived by her children & families: Sonya (Harlow) Plenty Wounds & children (grandchildren) – Daryl, Kyle (Xander), Brianna, Andrew, Jordan (Timothy), Kylee, Michaela, and Annika; David (Anpo) Charging Thunder & children (grandchildren) – Tatanka Herrera (Mia & Koda), Katyn (Daniel & Stevie), Douglas (Anpo & Hehani), Gabriella (Hayden), Rayne, and Joey; Tanya (Tony) Running Hawk & children – Charlee, Kiera, Danica, and Jace; and son, Kane Byrd; Maxine & Lloyd Charging Thunder; nephews, Roger Byrd Jr (Trevor, Mason, Tristian, Peyton, & Sundance), Jared Charging Thunder, Christopher Lucero, Tony Charging Thunder, and Jason Shot With Two Arrows; nieces, Vanessa (Juan) Mandonado, Roberta Trujillo, Janel (Tony) Barajas, Sundown Eagle Deer (Summer, Skylar, Thunder, Thor) and Lisa Rincon (Taylor & Isella, Caleb, & Lucas); cousins, Yolanda Reyes (Amara, Dominic, Lucy), Kellie Noriega (Ramon, Josephina, Athena, Octavio, Joaquin), Angel Few Tails (Elia, Alberto, Monica, Isaac, Angel), Elijah Cooley, and Gail Rodriguez; granddaughters, Sundance Byrd (Cameron Two Bulls & Rosalie Lucero & Julius Little Moon, Damon Two Bulls, Hunter Hagel), Maria Morales (Christopher Morales, Kyrie, Xavier, & Riley Janis); grandson, Angelo Morales, Sr. (Angelo, Trinity, Mercedes, Myla, & Darian among others).

Pallbearers will be Roger “Junior” Byrd, Moses Two Lance, Clark Torres, Kyle Plenty Wounds, Iggy White Face, Juan Mandonado, Mason Byrd, and Conrad Two Lance.

Honorary Pallbearers will be Rita Charging Thunder & Family, Faye Charging Thunder & Family, Barney White Face & Family, Phyllis White Face & Family, the Two Lance Families, Robert Two Crow & Family, Eugene & Barb American Horse & Family, Connie American Horse & Family, the family of the late Faith White Face (Hope, Dorie, Monica, & Iggy), Velma Hollow Horn & Family, Carla American Horse, the family of the late Alex Torres, Heather Red Cloud, Delores Lovejoy, Justin White Bull, Duffy Grass, Susie Apple, Debbie Hollow Horn, the family of the late Pierre & Dennis Grinnell, the family of the late Inez Sun Bear (John Black Calf, Ernestine Sun Bear), and All Friends and Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD