Kylee Allison Hernandez


Funeral services for 28-year old Kylee Allison Hernandez will be Saturday, July 3rd at 10:00 am at the Hernandez Residence in Kyle, SD.

A two night wake service will start at 11:00 am on Thursday at the Hernandez Residence.

Burial will be at the St. Stephens Catholic Cemetery in Kyle, SD.

Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge is in charge of the arrangements for Kylee Allison Hernandez.

Kylee Allison Hernandez-Head was born on August 20, 1992 in Pine Ridge, SD to Lynn Hernandez and Elgin Head. Kylee made her journey to the Spirit World on June 28, 2021 in Kyle, SD.

Kylee is survived by her parents, Lynn Hernandez and Elgin Head; children, Lilyanna Pretty Voice Crane and Stormy Dawson Head; siblings, Cassandra Montes of Rockyford, SD, Byron Head of Wakpamni Lake, SD, Corey Head of Kyle, SD, Maria Hatten of Kyle, SD, Sophia Hernandez of Kyle, SD, Florenceo Hatten of Kyle, SD, Gracee Morgan, LaRae (James) Morgan, Alanna Brown Bull, Nathaniel Brown Bull, Miracle Brown Bull, Calsee Has No Horse, and Britney Has No Horse; God-daughter, Ziah Young; grandparents, Helen Palmier, Floyd Hernandez, Jr., Norman Hernandez, Sr., Vallery Hernandez, Nelson & Bonnie White, Linda Bad Wound, Betty Goings, Doris Goings, Marvin Goings, Terri Goings, Debbie Blue Bird, Nadine Blue Bird, Sydney Has No Horse, Robert Two Crow, Julia Hernandez, Walter & Nancy Hernandez, Steve & Lolita DuBray, and Dennis Yellow Thunder; aunts & uncles, Norma (Darrell) Brown Bull, Faye (Delane) Hernandez, Margaret (Jeff) Cody, Tiffany (Maurice) Hernandez, T’Neal Hernandez, Donnie (Ann) Has No
Horse, Vine & Mesu Morrisette, Gina (Dave) Big Crow, Lita Has No Horse, DJ, Emily, and Amber Has No Horse, Lynette, Don, Ron, and Hannah Clifford, L-Dee, Seth, and Cathalina Hernandez, Rock & Dujuanna Bissonette, Cholea, Chole, & Julie Goings, Lena Goings, Kristy, Sarah, and Nora Blue Bird, Joni, Jen, and JoBeth Morrisette, Mary, Eric, and Sidney Has No Horse, Kimberly, Jay, Wally, and Derek Lefthand; and numerous nieces, nephews, and cousins.

Kylee was preceded in death by her grandparents, Sharon Two Crow, Shirley Lefthand, Emily Has No Horse, Casey Blue Bird, and Dawson Has No Horse, Jr.; Hunka mother, Carol Iron Rope; great-grandparents, Cecil Goings, Victoria Frasier, Dora Martinez, Floyd Hernandez, Sr., Emily Feather on Head, Dawson Has No Horse, Sr., Alice Walking Eagle, and Ellis Head; and God-parents, Randy Her Many Horses and Bernadine Blue Bird.

Pallbearers will be Corey Head, Byron Head, Florenceo Hatten, Joe Morgan, Nate Brown Bull, Antonio Hernandez, Michael Montoya, Larry Montoya, Wilson Clifford, Lorrell Goings, Leoni Yellow Hawk, Kevin Frasier, Dave Frasier, Ata Yellow Hawk, Michael Pretty Voice Crane, and Bruno Yellow Hawk.

Honorary pallbearers will be All Friends & Relatives.