Lakota Nation Invitational Board Votes To Keep Event In Rapid City


     The Lakota Nation Invitational will remain in Rapid City despite a push from some activists to move the event because of racially-fueled comments made by one of the owners of the Grand Gateway Hotel in Rapid City. 

      After voting to stay put, the LNI board issued a statement saying “The Black Hills is our home (and) we have many partnerships and allies in this community and all of our communities in the Great Plains.”

       The board said the incident at the Grand Gateway Hotel has affected its partners and allies, but also gives the event a chance to live up the part of its mission statement calling for it to work toward reconciliation.

      The Board also said LNI and all those working with it will also continue to provide a venue to showcase Native American students in not only athletics, but in academic and cultural activities as well. .

2 thoughts on “Lakota Nation Invitational Board Votes To Keep Event In Rapid City”

  1. It wouldn’t be so bad if they would respect the hotels. I understand Gateways concern since all they seem to do is trash their rooms and steal things. That’s not a racists act, they are just trying to protect their investment no matter who rents their rooms.

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