Landowners Interested in Special Landowner Deer Season Must Update Profile

Landowners interested in the Special Landowner Deer Season must access their customer profile and update their land information on the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s new permit system, which went live in 2023.

For information on how to complete the process, search for “Landowner Permits” at

Landowners will find these changes for 2023:

  • Land information now is selected using parcel IDs or an interactive map in the “Land Area Summaries” section.
  • Land areas and immediate family now must be listed on the Qualifying Landowner’s profile.

The Special Landowner Deer Season gives a qualifying landowner a three-day season on his or her property preceding the regular firearm deer season.

The $8 Special Landowner Deer Permit is valid only for the three-day season: Nov. 4-6, 2023. It is not valid for the November firearm season, and it is not valid as a Limited Landowner Permit.

The qualifying landowners may designate permits to themselves or immediate family members to hunt on their property only during the Special Landowner Deer Season. A landowner or immediate family member may have no more than one permit per calendar year.

More details about the permit and season:

  • The qualifying landowners and immediate family may have up to eight of these permits for $8 each.
  • The definition of immediate family is spouse, child, stepchild, spouse of child or stepchild, grandchild, step grandchild, spouse of grandchild or step grandchild, sibling sharing ownership or spouse of sibling.
  • No more than two permits may be issued to persons age 19 or older and no more than six permits may be issued to persons younger than 19.
  • The bag limit is one whitetail or mule deer of either sex. The permit counts against the two-buck permit maximum.
  • Only weapons legal for archery and firearm seasons may be used.
  • Permits are valid only on the land owned or leased by the qualifying landowner that is listed on the permit.
  • Residentqualifying landowners must own or lease at least 80 acres of farm or ranch land used for agricultural purpose. No more than one permit can be issued per 80 acres.
  • Nonresidentqualifying landowners must own at least 320 acres of farm or ranch land used for agricultural purpose. Leased land does not qualify. No more than one permit can be issued per 320 acres.
  • Land leased for hunting or recreational purposes does not qualify for landowner permits.
  • Applications are online at and must be mailed or brought into Game and Parks district offices to complete permit purchases.
  • Holders of Limited Landowner or Antlerless Only permits may hunt Nov. 4-6, but only with archery equipment.

For more information, visit or read the Nebraska Big Game Guide at

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