Mariah Poor Bear

Funeral services for 27-year old Mariah Poor Bear are Wed, Sept 28, 2022 at noon at Brother Rene Hall in Oglala, SD, with traditional Lakota services by Ivan Looking Horse

Burial is at St Peter’s Episcopal Cemetery in Oglala

A one-night wake service starts Tues, Sept 27, at 12:30 at Brother Rene Hall in Oglala

Mariah Cierra Poor Bear was born on August 8, 1995 in Pine Ridge, SD to Marian Poor Bear and Bernard Young. Mariah made her journey to the Spirit World on September 19, 2022 in Alliance, NE.

Mariah is survived by her mother Marian Poor Bear of Oglala, SD; hunka mother Corrine Brave of Oglala, SD; father Bernard Young of Parmelee, SD; her twin sister Shaniah Young; sisters Kyra Poor Bear, Verlene Plenty Wounds, and Cinda Plenty Wounds; brother Jonathan Sounding Side; hunka brother Gilbert “Hoksila” Blacksmith; hunka sisters Samantha Cross and Brandy Marshall; nieces & nephews Deja LeBeau, Vivian Condon, Miguel Moreno, Damari Moreno, Endonnis Moreno, Raniah, Rakeem, & Kraygan Plenty Wounds, George Foote, J’Cerrie, Jraedin, Jaicen, & Cerrai Red Cloud, Xanthus Poor Bear, Keya Witt, Chaylee Emonee, & Shawnee Pourier, and Eli Jaramillo; and aunt & uncle, Fedelia & Bob Cross.

Mariah was preceded in death by her grandmother Louise Blacksmith; brother Rekal Plenty Wounds; cousins Alvin Iron Cloud III, Clayton Warrior, Kurt Cross, Allen Long Soldier Jr, Brent & Shelly Sounding Side, Maria & Christian Espinosa, Enzo Blacksmith-Looks Twice, and Beau Blacksmith; uncles Leon, Allen Sr, and Elton Long Soldier, Al Blacksmith, Verdell White Bear Claws, Robert, Peter Jr, and Stanley Blacksmith; aunts Priscilla & Verlene Long Soldier, Eldean Blacksmith, Ina Mae Sounding Side, Lorna Blacksmith, Dorothy White Magpie, Rosalyn White Magpie, Yvonne Standing Crow, Jesse American Bear, Florence Cross Dog, Minerva Blacksmith, and Philomene Lakota; grandfathers, Henry, Max, Pete Sr, Kenneth, Tom, Leo, Franklin, & Wilbur Blacksmith; grandmothers Rose Blacksmith-White Magpie, Elizabeth Blacksmith Walks Out, and Rosalyn Jumping Bull; and great-grandparents John and Edna Blacksmith.

Pallbearers will be Warren Cross, Jonathon Sounding Side, Kevin Cross, Juan Espinosa, Jeremiah Moreno, Jacob Morrison, Wylie Janis, and Wyatt Blacksmith.

Honorary pallbearers will be Nashae Bull Bear, Isaiah “Izzy” Eagleman, Mackinley Rae Woods, Stormy Williams, Keanna Brien, Roger Boerschig, Tressa Featherman, Bryan Mcghghy, John Mazanec, Andrea Rogers, Davian Stands, Mercy Lone Elk, Chris Hawkins, Phil Zimiga, Shayla Janis, Allison Little Hoop, Richard & Danielle Greenwald, Mika Winters, Grace Bush, Artemasa Wounded Head, Marcus Bear Eagle, Logan Scabby Face, Regina Hanson, Paula Long Wolf, Alisha Dehart, Josette Ziegler, Dawn Lame, Lorelei Espinosa, and All Friends & Relatives

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD