Melissa Sloan


Funeral services for 42-year old Melissa Sloan are Tues, Sept 27, 2022 at 11:00 at Joyner Hall in Pine Ridge, SD, with Hedi Martin and Kate Kindall officiating.

A one-night wake service starts Monday, Sept 26, at 3:00 at Joyner Hall in Pine Ridge.

Burial is at the White Dress Family Cemetery in Pine Ridge

Melissa Sloan was born on February 29, 1980 in Pine Ridge, SD to Terrence Sloan and Adele Faith (White Dress) Brown. Melissa made her journey to the Spirit World on September 18, 2022 in Pueblo, CO.

Melissa is survived by her father Terrence W Sloan; daughters Naomi Martinez, Claudia Faith Sloan, and Brooklyn Montano; sons Paul Montano Jr and Amari Sloan; siblings Jessica Sloan, Utoka “Sara” Sloan, Katie Brown, and Ida White Dress; granddaughter Nae’Leeana Martinez; nieces & nephews Anastasia Pacer-Sloan, Uziel Munoz, Chloe Sloan-Fire Thunder, Dulce Ariaz-Ramirez, Juvia Ariaz-Ramirez, Eliza Sloan, Xavier Sloan, Jesse Hope Sloan, and Leonard Silas-Lone Hill; great-niece Susanna Mae Sloan; and aunts & uncles Paul “Chili” White Dress, Delilah White Dress, and Michael E. Sloan.

Melissa was preceded in death by her mother Adele Faith White Dress; grandparents Katie Walking and Silas White Dress, Utoka & Ralph Sloan; aunts & uncles Richard Walking, Philip, Vera, Joann, Lizzie, & Phyllis White Dress, and Annie Walking; and cousins Gracie Two Hawk, Paul Walking, Travis White Dress, Lyle Sutton Jr, and Angie Sutton.

Pallbearers will be Christopher White Dress, Raymond Janis, Hermas Janis, Edward Two Hawk, Jessie Sutton, Trey Walking, Stanley Walking Jr, and Samuel Nelson.

Honorary pallbearers will be Paul & Frankee White Dress & Family, Delilah White Dress, Tony Walking, Mike Pacer & Family, Carol Lakota & Family, Tina Siers & Family, Maggie & Ron Red Cloud & Family, Candie Red Cloud & Family, Pam Clifford, Gary Janis, Aimee White Pipe, Douglas Bissonette, Kate Kindall, Jake Jones, Nick Coomes, Theodore Coomes Jr, Georgina Short Bull, Maxine Janis & Family, Alvina Broken Leg, Marnie Waters-Charging, Gloria Sully, Oneida Two Hawk, Diamond Two Hawk, Joseph Whalen, All Walking Cousins, Entire Wakpamni District, Tipi Raisers, Sioux Nation Shopping Center Staff, Big Bats Staff, the Entire Class of 1997 Gallup High School, All Family & Friends from South Dakota, New Mexico, and Colorado, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD