Marvin Richard Sr


Funeral services for 78-year old Marvin Richard Sr are Monday, May 20, 2024 at 9:00 at the Pine Ridge School Gym in Pine Ridge, SD, with Father Brad Held, SJ, officiating. 

Burial follows at 12:30 at the Black Hills National Cemetery in Sturgis, SD.

A two-night wake service starts Sat, May 18, at 11:00 at the Pine Ridge Elementary School Gymnasium in Pine Ridge, SD with evening services starting at 7:00 PM each night.

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Itahcan Marvin Peter Richard  Sr “Akhinicapi” was born on May 21, 1945 in Pine Ridge, SD to Thomas and Emma (Two Crow) Richard.  Marvin made his journey to the Spirit World on May 4, 2024 at the Monument Health Hospital in Rapid City, SD.

Marvin graduated from Oglala Community High School in 1965 and went on to join the United States Navy, serving from June 9, 1965 to June 5, 1969.  He went to Boot Camp at Lake Michigan and was stationed at San Diego, CA, Puerto Rico, and Brazil.  

After the service, Marvin worked for OST Water Development as a Community Involvement Worker for 7 years, then the OST Rural Water Supply System as a construction/inspector and the MNI Wiconi Rural Water Project for 24 years. He was also a Public Safety Commissioner and was on the Oglala Sioux Lakota Housing Authority Board Commission in the 1990’s. 

Marvin is survived by his wife Jacky Richard; children Marvin Richard, Jr., Travis Richard, Thad Richard, Marvella (April) Richard, Steven Richard Sr, Rusty (Jeanine Cottier) Richard, and Sage (Connie) Richard all of Pine Ridge, SD; aunts MaryAnn (Larry Sr) Meester and Bertha Conroy; daughter Marla Richard; grandchildren Louise Bell, Victoria Rose White Eyes, Alexander Rock-Rosado, Estevan Janis, Rhiannon Richard, Mandi & Sierra Stevens Kimora Means, Lasheena & Rasheen Richard, Alyssa Richard, Steven Richard Jr, Janet Richard, Tayson Blue Legs, Maria & Annie Rock, Cole Dean Spotted Elk, Oso Cosme, Shaniah Richard, Shaylene Richard, Shyleigh Richard, Marvin Richard III, Marty Richard, Connor Richard, Cubby Richard, Chloe Richard, and Coryn Richard; great-grandchildren Jacoby Bell, Bella Richard, Alayna & Marcelyne Rock-White Eyes; and niece, Lavena Richard.

Marvin was preceded in death by his parents Thomas & Emma (Two Crow) Richard; maternal grandparents Henry & Annie (Marshall) Two Crow; paternal grandparents Alfred & Maggie (Yellow Hawk) Richard; siblings Raymond Richard, Ruth Richard, Marlin Richard, Dale Richard, Douglas Richard, James Richard Sr, Carmen Fullen-Richard, Ronnie Richard, Kadell Richard, Byron Richard, and Sandra Blue Bird-Richard; nephews Lonnie T Richard, James Richard Jr, Alfred Red Shirt, and Dean Richard; nieces Marcia Rock, Jamie Richard, Crystal Bell, and Brenda Blue Bird; sons Colbert “Cubby” Richard, Marty Richard, and Maurice Richard; grandson Coy Richard; granddaughter Blanche Bell; and great-grandchildren Thomas, Dustin, and Marque Rock-Rosado.

Pallbearers will be Rasheen Richard, Steve Richard Jr, Cubby Cook, Tyrell Andrews, Marty Richard, Connor Richard, Marvin Richard III, Howard Little Hawk, Justes Scott, Duane White Calf, Thomas Red Hawk, Alkapoane White Calf, Vine Morrisette, Richard Red Hawk, William “Mesu” Morrisette, Koytel Bagola, and Duane Bowen. 

Honorary pallbearers will be Everett Fast Horse & Family, Eileen Grinnell, Robert Two Crow, James & Peggy Cook, Norbert Bell, Reno Red Cloud Sr & Family, Lloyd & Peggy Two Crow & Family, Deann Two Crow, Larry Jr & Teresa Meester, Guy Red Cloud & Family, Juanita Scherich, Cicero Two Crow, Dawn Frank, Deborah Tobacco, Debbie Morrisette & Family, Ron Meester & Family, Stephanie Two Crow, Leota Red Hawk & Family, Troylynne Rock & Family, Karen Kicheyan & Family, Joe Bat Richard, Melvin Twiss, Vern Roubideaux, Alphonso Belt, Bitzi Trueblood, Tina Sitting Holy, David Leftwich, Hugo Hillman, Nancy Hussman, Robin Lawrence, Leon Grass & Family, Big Bat Pourier, Kim Jack, Sam DuBray & Family, Harold Salway, Melvin “Buddy” Red Hawk, Robin Walter & Family, Danny & Linda Lanning, Ken Harris, Theodore & Barb Barden, Shawn Barden, Jean Red Hawk, Faith Richards & Family, Sophie & Craig Yankton & Boys, John Yellow Bird-Steele, Veronica Fast Horse, Sylvia Reynosa, Rodney Fast Horse, Daylene Anderson, Les & Tuna Oldson, Terri, Bonnie, & Clarence “Lucky” Returns & Family, Bryan Brewer Sr, Reno “Babe” Richard, Ray & Carol O’Rourke, Larry Richard, Mona Brave, Troy Roach-Bordeaux, Stanley Young Sr & Jr, Bill Lamont, Ed Bartlett, Carla Apple & Family, Jerilyn & Abbie Quiver & Family, Toby Big Boy, Cecil Apple Jr, James & Evangeline Fast Horse & Family, Cecelia Fire Thunder, Simone, Connie, Diane, Mona, & Loretta Little Hawk & Families, Colleen Bettelyoun, Melvina Winters & Family, Robert Red Shirt Sr & Family, Robert & Eileen Running Bear, Annie Brings Him Back, Jim Young, Sharon Richards, Terry & Joyce Pourier, Ella John Carlow, Alice Sierra, Latrell Plenty Arrows & Family, Barbara Dull Knife, Richard Broken Nose & Family, Ted, Bill, Paul, Jackie & Alice Siers, Lisa, Clayton, Babe, and Robin High Wolf & Families, Lil’ Joe, Joni, Jen, & Jobeth Morrisette & Families, Doug O’Brien, Heather Patton & Family, Simone Pond-Rosario, Jon Conroy, Danielle Conroy, Wilbur Buckman, Sr. & Family, Renee Two Bulls, Marylss Rabbit & Family, Lisa & Susan Schrader & Families, Connie Morgan-Richard, Sheldon Two Crow, Wanda Donovan, Junie Shots With Arrow, Louis & Sharon Pulliam, Eileen Two Bulls, Juanita Chasing Hawk, Nadine Oakie, Lyle (Lena) Chasing Hawk, Lynus Chasing Hawk, RaeLynn & Ruby White Calf, Alberta & Rosie Cottier & Families, Hoksila Mesteth, Alvina White Bull, Alex “Yamni” Bad Bear, Jr., Trina Andrews, Lisa White Eyes, Jennifer & Jill Mesteth & Families, Jeanette Johnson, Lisa Good Weasel & Family, Jerry, Mike, & John Bordeaux, Barb & Joey Linehan, Chris Walking Eagle & Tiffney Red Hawk & Family, Sandy Bettelyoun & Family, Kathe Eagle Hawk & Family, Jolene Buckman & Stanley “Hyde” Clifford, Mary Mousseau, Roger, Fred, Vanessa, & Crystal Brings Him Back, Delores DuBray, Francine Jumping Eagle, Richard Looks Twice, Wesley New Holy, Sr., Becky Randall, Betty Watters, Annette Titus-Irving, Freida Richards, Percy & Alex White Plume, Phillip, Starlette, Audrey, DeeDee, & Robert Jumping Eagle & Families, Blossom Johnson, Josephine Richards, Hoksila & George American Horse, Dana Richard, Kathleen Petersen & Family, Oma Perez & Family, Darrell Jr & Melinda Spotted Elk, Rona Richard, Archie & Connie Sierra & Family, Emmanuel “Bull” & Sharon Black Bear, Ryan & Tommy Blue Bird, Jolenta & Marie White Calf, Jonathan & Alexander Richard, Jeanette Richard, Annie & Emma Lou Richard, Joann, Roberta, Robert Jr & Jessica Red Shirt, Blanche Richards & Family, Wendall Jay Youngman, Dan Two Bulls Sr, Annie Means & Family, Theresa Blue Bird, Carla Cheyenne, Lorenzo & Juliette Broken Rope, Wes Shangreaux, John Caldwell, Vincent Brewer Jr, Jerry Bear Shield Jr, Ramon Bear Runner, BJ (Jamie) Plenty Arrows, Ohinnyan, Raymond, Adam, & Todd Trejo, Ellie Bettelyoun, Toni Morton, Kingston Bagola, KoDreis Herman, Francis Sonny Richard, Jennifer Swallow, Helen Petit, Dixie & Dale Walker, Richards Family, Barden Family, Two Crow Family, Apple Family, Marshall Family, Red Cloud Family, Around Him Family, Yellow Hawk Family, DuBray Family, Winters Family, Dreamer Family, Looks Twice Family, Nelson Family, White Calf Family, Poor Bear Family, Chasing Hawk Family, Oakie Family, Conquering Bear Family, Conroy Family, Salway Family, Brown Bull Family, Sargeant Family, Two Lance Family, Blue Bird Family, Moves Camp Family, Lamont Family, Janis Family, and numerous nieces, nephews, grandchildren, friends, & relatives.  

The family apologizes if we forgot any names.  

A special thanks to the Cornerstone Mission in Rapid City

Arrangements entrusted with the Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD.