Marvin Ross Sr


Funeral services for 39-year old Marvin Ross Sr are Tues, Feb 20th, 2024 at 11:00 at the Rockyford School Gymnasium in Rockyford, SD, with traditional Lakota services by Mr Ivis Long Visitor Sr

Burial is at the Black Elk/ Jumping Bull Family Cemetery in Oglala, SD

A one-night wake service starts Mon, Feb 19, at 11:00 at the Rockyford School Gymnasium in Rockyford.

Online condolences may be left at

Marvin Harry Ross Sr was born on Jan 26, 1985 in Sioux Falls, SD to Julie He Crow and Patrick Ross.  Marvin made his journey to the Spirit World on Feb 12, 2024 at his home near Porcupine, SD.

Marvin spent his early days growing up in Oglala alongside his Grandmother Diana He Crow and great-grandparents Ernest and Mary Two Lance.  

Marvin and his brother William He Crow were attached to their Grandmother Diana in their early years and they were taught the Lakota language while growing up in Diana’s household.  

Marvin was given the Lakota name Oyate Cikcala (Little Tribe) by his Grandfather Calvin Jumping Bull at the age of 1, but later in life he was also given the name of Ta Sunke Ska (His White Horse) by Tatanka Iyotake in ceremony.

Marvin moved to his beloved Evergreen in Porcupine with his Mother and Father, living in his paternal grandmother Sharon (Cuny) Martin’s home until his family received their own home in Evergreen.  

Marvin made many friends throughout his life; he wore his heart on his sleeve and was very caring and generous.  He would invite many of his friend’s home and would feed them and give them things they needed.  

There was their WWF wrestling phase, where someone was always crying out in agony when some wrestling hold was applied.  They would spend hours playing Nintendo or PlayStation; the competitive nature was stiff.  

I can remember when Rock Band was the game – how they, along with his sisters and friends would have competitions on who was the better band. Even the Madden games got heated with controllers flying and never-ending teasing, profanity from the losing side, and laughter following.

Marvin excelled at sports, especially basketball and football, but his love was baseball. Marvin and cousins and friends were Little League champions 3 straight years and could not be beat in Senior League either, winning that league championship as well.  

Marvin’s love for playing baseball continued but shifted to a bigger ball when he started playing Men’s Fast Pitch softball at the age of 16 with his father and uncles.

There were a lot of uncles – Don, Richard, James, and CW Twiss; Chuck, Greg and Billy Ross; Michael Twiss Sr; Darvis Weston; Jim and Dean Cottier; Ted Janis; and Ron Red Star. 

Over the years, as the Team grew into the younger players, Marvin became the Skipper. With his younger brother Steven the Ace and their great cast of teammates, RFR became a staple for success, winning every tournament they entered for a period of 3 years straight.  

Marvin was very passionate about winning and had a hard time accepting losing and he would let you know it.  Marvin’s legacy was discipline in holding that diamond down pushing his teammates to be better.  

Marvin follows many of his mentors and teammates to that great diamond in the sky. I know he was welcomed by them, with his cleats and bat and glove in hand.

Marvin was a great father to his children; he loved them dearly and did everything for them.  He loved to cook and was the greatest fan of the GOAT, Mr Tom Brady and his New England Patriots, but we knew he was a secret 49ers fan like his father.  

Marvin loved being home in the Green, as he called it. It was his own peace of mind, and those who knew he was home knew all was better.

Marvin began working construction at a young age alongside his father and learned many aspects of construction through the years.  He was employed by his father’s Company, Badger Contracting Services, LLC at the time of his passing.

Marvin was our son, our brother, our family, and our friend, we loved him dearly and we are heartbroken.  Marvin will forever be the protector of his Family and Friends.  

Until we meet again son…

Marvin leaves behind his sons  Luke, Marvin Jr, and Ryver; daughters Hopeca and Kinsley; mother Julia; father Patrick (Nanette); siblings Willam He Crow, Steven Ross Sr (Julie Vocu) Brittany, and Shelby Ross, Snowy River Ross (aka Kayzden Kihega), Haedyn Haas, Jules Ecoffey, Devon LeBeau, and BJ Elk Boy; hunka sister Sandy Fast Wolf; nephews Steven Jr, Austin, Benny, and Patrick (Haze) Ross; nieces Caliegh, Marliegh, and Riley He Crow; paternal grandparents Duane Ross Sr and Janet Claymore-Ross, and Sharon (Cuny) Martin; aunts April (Jack) Corbine, Hattie (Jaimie) He Crow, Danielle (Lawrence) Two Bulls, Bobbie Jo Tobacco, Whitney He Crow, very special aunt-Jennifer (Melvin)  Sierra, Margaret Ross (Jimmy) Little Bull, and Olivia Ross; uncles Filmore He Crow Jr, David He Crow, Duane (Winona) Ross Jr, Gregory (Donna) Ross, William (Jackie) Ross, and Nicoles (Ashley) Ross; cousins Amber (Eric) Long, Montana Sierra and family, Colton, Payton, and Paisley Sierra, Sharon Ross, Justin Ross, Jonathan, Duane ‘Yamni’, Davonte Ross, Ryan and Larissa Ross, Chandler, Richard and Agnes Ross, Stephon, Kirkland and Griffery Ross, Zaeda, Nicassio, and Amarise Ross; also along with his friends and his extended family.

Marvin was preceded in death by his maternal great-grandparents Ernest and Mary (Featherman) Two Lance, Robert He Crow and Ida (Jumping Bull) Tobacco; grandparents Filmore He Crow Sr and Diana He Crow; uncle Robert He Crow; aunties Pamela and Winola He Crow; paternal great-grandparents Harvey and Agnes (Allen) Ross, Thomas Cuny, and Margaret (Tuttle) Cuny; grandfather Antione Tony Martin, Chelsea Ross, and Kadi Ross, Chris Long Visitor, and Shylo Long Visitor and Cary Rouilard

Pallbearers will be Devon LeBeau, Beau White, Tommy White, John “Bj” Elk Boy Jr, Sheldon He Crow, Wallace White Dress Jr, Jonathan Ross, Michael Twiss Jr, Travis Mesteth Sr, Matt Tobacco, Andrew Twiss and Richard Tall.

Honorary pallbearers will be Marvin’s Beloved RFR softball team, Fillmore He Crow Jr, Donna Eagle Bull and Family, Veronica Janis and Don Garnier and Family, Darrell ‘Tiger’ Brown Bull, Edwina Fire Thunder Family, Chris Janis Family, Jesse Rouilard, Charlie Rouilard, Logan Lafferty, Paulina Spider, Shawn Lone Hill, Dayna Red Owl, Jhacie Long Soldier, Cadyss White Face, Beverly Two Lance and Family, Terry Two Lance and Family, Cynthia, Kelly, Patsy and Tom Two Lance, Wylene, Leah, Irvis Jr, Ernest, Carlene and Sadie Long Visitor, Phyllis Tobacco, Alvina (Lloyd) Pickett, Timothy He Crow, SunniRae Ten Fingers, Mesean Two Lance and Family, Issac Two Lance and Family, Norma Two Lance and Family, Dallas Two Lance and Family, Vanessa Two Lance and Family, Belinda Two Lance and Family, Belnita (Sam) Bravo, Emily Two Lance and Family, Whitney, Doris, Leon, Eagle Jr, Wilma, Harriet (John), and Charles Standing Bear and Families, Brian(Tammy) Starr, Juanita Starr and Family, Frank Starr and Family, Courtney Two Lance and Family, Pamela Tobacco and Family, Chris Thunder Hawk, Cecil Tobacco, Two Lance Family, Yellow Hair Family, Gloria No Neck and Family, Karen Red Elk and Family, Jackson Mesteth and Family,  Rachel Bissonette and Family, Ceceil, Misty and Latoya Corbine, Audra Rouilard, Little Wound Class of 2003, Dr. Alan ‘Chuck’ Ross, Dr Kenneth(Lourdess) Ross, James Ross, Cindy Ross, Robbie and Sandy Whitehair, Theodore Ross and Fred Ross, Kimberly Ross-Toledo and Family, Kelly Ross and Family, Elaine (Trinity)  Stevens, Richard ‘Sonny’ Ross, David Ross and Family, Lillian Cuny and Family, Jackie (Robert) Arpan and Family, Edward Peltier, Sean (Ruth) Means and Family, Jeremy Cuny and Family, Lynn Cuny-Janis and Family, Theodore ‘OJ’ Cuny and Family, Madonna Cuny and David Fire Thunder, Connie Cuny and Family, Jacob Ringing Shield and Family, Ted Cuny and Family, Rae-ann Cuny, Thomas Zephier, Jesse Cuny, Adrian (Eldeen) Yellow Boy and Family, Clement Locke and Family, Paul Cedarface Jr and Family, Ashley Cedarface, Justin Pourier and Family, Myron Pourier and Family, Donald and Harriet Twiss and Family, Adam Clifford and Family, Lynn Gibbons & Family, Gayla Adams & Family, Antoinette Poafpybitty-Adams, Brian Hornbeck, Cameron Lafferty, Will Spotted Eagle, Carleen Crow, Dave Crow & Family, Jaren Crow, Sonny White Dress, Sandy Flye, Maya Black Crow, Myrna Hornbeck, Garell & Yvette Little, Cheryl & Kim Locke, Morrsette Family, Bobby & Deuce Martin, Brenda & Staton Starr, Darrell Locke Jr, Benjamin Plenty Arrows, Derek Shoulders, Louella Broken Nose, Rayford Featherman, Arlette Brought Plenty, Yvonne Long Visitor, Ivis Long Visitor & Family, Gaylon Holy Rock & Family, Carmelita Long Visitor, All Fast Pitch Softball Players, Badger Contracting Services work crew, RJ Ponds, Harley “Mr.” Cottier Jr, Lonnie Brewer and Family, and All Friends & Relatives.