Master Gardener Tips July 24, 2023


By Katie Markheim, Nebraska Extension Master Gardener

Integrated pest management, or IPM, is a strategy that uses a combination of methods to manage pests to avoid unacceptable damage while also protecting the health of humans, pets, other nontargets, and the environment. I’m Katie Markheim, Nebraska Extension Master Gardener, here to share a few IPM tips. 

• Prevent insects, disease, and weeds by mulching, using protective netting, and selecting disease-resistant plants.

• Plant flowers and/or herbs in and around your garden to attract pollinators and beneficial bugs.

• Use organic or conventional treatment options to handle, slow or stop insect pests or disease issues.

•  Know what to use and when to use it for best results.

•  Contact your local extension agency for help in pest identification and expert tips and remedies.