Matilda Red Elk


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Funeral services for 45-year old Matilda Red Elk are Monday, Feb 7, 2022 at 10:00 at the #9 Community Church in Manderson, SD, with Pastor Jeremy Mouw officiating and traditional Lakota services by Mr Richard Broken Nose 

Burial is at St Agnes Catholic Church Cemetery in Manderson

A one-night wake service starts Sunday, Feb 6, at 3:00, also at the #9 Community Church in Manderson. 

Matilda Lyn Red Elk was born on October 2, 1976 enroute to Denver, CO to Aloysius (Patrick) Red Elk, Sr. and Phoebe (Iron Hawk) Red Elk. Matilda made her journey to the Spirit World on January 23, 2022 at the St. Vincent Hospital in Billings, MT.

Matilda leaves behind her children Angelo Red Elk, Kane Red Elk-Shoulders, and Christopher Red Elk-Shoulders; grandchildren Jessica Red Elk, Kara Red Elk, Carmen Running Bear, Isabella Running Horse, Jaylen Littleton, Amil Red Elk, Tayden Red Elk, Francis Red Elk; great-grandson Baby Trent Red Elk; siblings Emma Red Elk, Patsy Red Elk, Peter Red Elk and Richard Red Elk, Genevieve Ribitsch-Chase In Sight; brother-in-law Willard Yellow Horse; nieces & nephews Faith Muggie Red Elk, Emil Red Elk, Jessie Red Elk, Harley Red Elk, Sean Red Elk, and Louis Red Elk, Hunka brothers, Howard β€œBen” Little Dog and Robert Hames Spotted Bear; and her dog that she loved dearly,  β€œSoup.”

Matilda was preceded in death by her parents Phoebe & Aloysius (Patrick)Red Elk, siblings Lillian Red Elk-Yellow Horse, Wilbur Red Elk Sr, Patrick Red Elk; grandmother Sara Sits Poor; aunts Bernice Sits Poor-Chase In Sight and Matilda Sits Poor; uncles Neville Sits Poor and Franklin Sits Poor Jr; grandson Emil Red Elk Sr, nephews Wilbur Red Elk Jr, Francis Red Elk, Cletus Red Elk; and niece Nicotte Red Elk. 

Pallbearers will be Tess Chase In Sight, Gentry Ribitsch, William Kie, Marvella Richards, Edwin Little Dog Sr, Sean Red Elk, Leslie Pawnee Leggins, and Tiara Clifford.

Honorary pallbearers will be Sylvia Yellow Thunder & family, Chase In Sight family, Sits Poor family, Tobacco family, Sleeping Bear family, Spotted Bear family, Brown Bull family, Red Elk family, Brown family, Looks Twice family, Black Tail Deer family, Little Dog family, Shoulders family, Paul Brown-Simpson & family, Mona Brown & family, Pete Brown, Iron Hawk family, Little Moon family, Willard Yellow Horse, Corrine Brave, Jerlene Arrendondo, Tom Wilson, White Plume family, White Butterfly family, PWC Bingo Players & Staff, Lela John, Carmen Running Bear, Marion Rowland, Rosemary Rowland, Phillip Standing Soldier Sr & family, Theresa Blue Bird & family, Warren from Alliance, Standing Crow adopted brothers & sisters, The Felicias, The Horses, #9 Community Church, All PRHS graduating Class of 96’, and All Friends & Relatives. 

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD