Rayleen Bickerstaff

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Funeral services for 34-year old Rayleen Virginia Bickerstaff are Sat, Feb 5, 2022 at 1:00 at the Makasan Presbyterian Church in Oglala, SD, with the Rev Asa Wilson and Sister Barb Bogenschutz officiating and traditional Lakota services by Peta Catches 

Burial is at Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Cemetery in Oglala

A two-night wake service starts at 2:00 PM, Thurs, Feb 3, 2022 at 2:00 at the Makasan Presbyterian Church in Oglala, SD 

Rayleen Virginia Bickerstaff “Cetan Wakan Win” was born on May 27, 1987, in Spearfish, SD to Lynda Neiss & Robert Bickerstaff.  Rayleen made her journey to the Spirit World on January 24, 2022, at Ava’s House in Sioux Falls, SD.

Rayleen was raised by her mother and stepfather, Justin Helper.  She attended elementary school Lower Brule and High School at Red Cloud and graduated from Pine Ridge with the Class of 2005.  

Rayleen was an adventurous person; she loved taking pictures of everyone, traveling, and coloring.  She was a big collector of many things as well.  

At a young age, Rayleen was diagnosed with Lupus and Kidney Failure, which put her on dialysis for 16 years but that did not stop her from living life to the fullest.  

Rayleen was a big part of our family, and everyone knew her as “aunty mom”.  She helped raise her nieces and nephews, and along her journey in life came across a lot of people she eventually adopted as a brother or a sister. She had a special bond with Dakota Jr “Nupa” and Shayla, whom she raised from babies.  

Rayleen is survived by her mother Lynda Neiss-Gallego; father Jay Helper; significant other Verdell Black Spotted Horse; and special children Dakota Garnier Jr and Shayla Helper; grandchild Kitahnee Cottier and one on the way; brothers Emeron Bobtail Bear (Emiliah, Ava, & Ella), Emerson Bobtail Bear (Brantley & Kyree), James Wilson, Isaiah Crow (Brighten & Eli), Christan Brings Him Back (Larissa), Jeremy Blacksmith (Taniah, Trivean, Archer, & Farrah), Corey Blacksmith (One on the way), Lester Gotheridge (Lillian, Carter, Ashton, Daisy, & Abigail Rayleen), and Robert Bickerstaff III; sisters Wilfreda Neiss (LaNita, Tasena, Aiden, Bella, Leila, & Kaiden), Yolanda (Dakota) Garnier (Dasian, Drayson, Kitahna, & Daelyn), Jaylyn Helper (Jayda), Aisha (Donald) Brave (Iyahanna, Kae’Lani, Annabelle, & Ja’Myla), Jackie (Tony) Viveros (Eli & Delilah), Tasina Helper (Zayden), Christine Bickerstaff, Rhianna Bickerstaff, Raelynn Bickerstaff, and Katie Blindman; hunka siblings Hinhan Loud Hawk, Lynn Gibbons, Antoinette Poafpybitty, and Gayla Loafer; grandmother Wilma Thin Elk; aunts Barbara Neiss, Paula Ogier, Terry Blacksmith, Cheryle Blacksmith, Jolene Neiss, Josette Perez, Avril Cordova, and Songchree Pioche; uncles, Vincent Helper, Doug Kaiser, Ron Blacksmith, Len Blacksmith, & Corwin Blacksmith, numerous nieces & nephews; Rayleen was preceded in death by her grandparents Howard & Roberta White; son Drayson Byron Keith Garnier; aunts Tara White & Shana Helper; grandmothers Patricia Cordova and Trivean Crow-Blacksmith; grandfathers Seymour Good Weasel and Pete Helper Jr; great-grandparents Pete & Lillie Helper; uncle Matt Peterson; and cousin Amy Jo One Feather.

Pallbearers will be Lester Gotheridge, Wesley Yellow Horse, Jr., Donald Brave, Jr., Dakota Garnier, Sr., Chris Brings Him Back, Jeremy Blacksmith, Austin Crow, Kit Cottier, Alister Crow, Ben Richards, Ronald Cross Dog, Jr., and Peanuts Kills Small.  

Honorary pallbearers will be Jade New Holy, Beans Long Soldier, Scharee Corbine, Kaylyn Two Bulls, Ashleigh Makes Him First, Katie Blindman & Family, Shiela Brown, Donna Candelas, Nicolette Vasquez, Melvin Pike, Susan Pike, Denny Girls, Nicole Condon, Michelle McIntosh, Garnier Boys, Pizza Hut Crew, Tony Viveros, Jeanie Belt, Jennifer Varenchik, Ruth & Priscilla Morquecho, David Gotheridge, Abigail Rayleen Gotheridge, William Gallego, Sr., John Gallego, Adonnis Lone Elk, Elias & Valerie Martinez, Dreaming Bear Family, Deb Cordier, Alberta White, Amanda One Feather, Andy White, Linda Sweet, Mona Wilson & Family, Crow Tiwahe, Avis Crow, Ben & Gloria Scabby Face, Karen Hillman, Leroy, Lyle, & Kenny White, Pricilla White, Saunie K. Wilson & Family, Patty Mestaz, Ellen & Edwina Fills Pipe, Dialysis Van Drivers Andrew, Nicki, & Marvin, Richard; Brings Him Back Families, Mac Hinton & Family, Claire Green, John Decker & Family, Sammi, Lois, Chuck, & Colton Gotheridge, Clifford Peterson, Emiliah LaRae Bobtail Bear, Maxine Janis, Margret & Joey White & Families, Dr. Raymond, Black Hills Dialysis Staff, Ava’s House Staff, and All Friends & Relatives

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD