Medical Pot Bill Finding Opposition From Both Sides In Nebraska Legislature

A bill allowing medical cannabis in Nebraska is hitting a wall of opposition from both supporters and opponents of legalization.

      Some medical marijuana backers blasted the measure Wednesday as a “poison pill” that, if passed, would effectively make it impossible to produce or obtain the drug since it doesn’t allow cultivation or processing.

      They also objected to the fact it doesn’t  allow smokable marijuana, since some users say smoking the drug is the only way they experience its medicinal benefits.

      The bill is also opposed by those against legalizing any use of marijuana, calling it a slippery slope toward recreational use. 

1 thought on “Medical Pot Bill Finding Opposition From Both Sides In Nebraska Legislature”

  1. I would like to comment for one if those senators and presidents and all that suffer the same debilitating disease that I have I have fibromyalgia plus I had a cancer and everything else I was the only thing that kept my nausea down and my pain down so I wish they would pass it sometimes I think Nebraska and if thing just doesn’t care about its people know they wanna pump them with all these darn pills and then they these pills fight each other so then you’re left with symptoms of other stuff no plus stomach pain which I have because I have to take all these pills and everything else to her you know to take care of my diabetes by my neuropathy and all that now I think if they suffered with all that and if they else I think they would pass it

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