Michael Ten Fingers


Funeral services for 38-year old Michael Ten Fingers are Sunday, November 14, 2021 at 1:00 at St John’s Episcopal Church near Oglala, SD, with Deacon Reverend Twyla Two Bulls officiating and traditional Lakota services by Mr Ernest Red Elk

Burial is at St Jude’s Ten Fingers Family Cemetery in Drywood, SD

A two-night wake service starts Friday at 1:00 at the Ten Fingers residence in Hisle, SD. The second night begins Saturday at 2:00 PM at St John’s Episcopal Church near Oglala.

Michael was a veteran of the U-S Army and served with the 101st Division during the Iraq War.

Michael Delane Ten Fingers “Ta Cannupa Ile’ya” was born on March 11, 1983 in Pine Ridge, SD to Ronald “Bill” Ten Fingers and Germaine Moves Camp. Michael made his journey to the Spirit World on November 5, 2021 in Hisle, SD.

Michael is survived by his parents, Germaine Moves Camp and Ronald “Bill” Ten Fingers; spouse, Faith Peneaux-Ten Fingers; daughter, Aria Rose; Hunka daughter, Lema Moves Camp; sons, Oscar Allen, Cam’Ron Jacob, Jimmy Dean, Jermaine Ta Anpetu Wakan, Sa’Tan Gall; Hunka son, Damon James; and siblings, Franklin Dean and David William, both of Hisle, SD, Dominique Florence of Omaha, NE, Tashiana LaRae of Dallas, TX, Trudine Rae of Wanblee, SD, Talia Anquoe of Kansas City, KS, TaSunke Moves Camp of Kyle, SD, Wakan Mani Moves Camp of Martin, SD, and Akisa Asanpi of Manistee, MN.

Michael was preceded in death by his maternal grandparents, Ellen Winters-Moves Camp and James Moves Camp; paternal grandparents, Florence Two Bulls-Ten Fingers, Richard Ten Fingers; sister, Darcell Ten Fingers; brothers, Ta’Cha Asanpi, John Moves Camp, and Joe Her Many Horses; uncles, Vernon Moves Camp, James Moves Camp, Scott Ten Fingers, Leland Ten Fingers, Will Ten Fingers, and Lori Dean Ten Fingers; and aunts, Pearl Dull Knife, Jackie Ten Fingers, and Esther Moves Camp.

Pallbearers will be Josann Winters, Maka Uska Moves Camp, Echo Winters, Lyle Blue Legs, Jr., Stephan “James” Bull Bear, Patrick Reddy, Derrick Reddy, and Daryl Peneaux.

Honorary Pallbearers will be Maka & Edna Moves Camp, Lame Tiwahe, Wiconi Asanpi, Reed & Anita Brown Tiyospaye, Evelyn Moves Camp Tiyospaye, Yellow Elk Tiwahe, Red Elk Tiwahe, Dalton Bettelyoun, Avis Blacksmith, Maizie Bettelyoun, Sophia Randall, Cherilyn Black Feather, Kermit Randall, Gary No Heart, Majorie Winters, Leo Winters, Karcen Lewis, Sandra Lewis, Samantha Asanpi, Sommer Asanpi, Rhonda Riley Cooper, Gus & Lilly Beganis, Sandra “Tiny” Donner & family, Karen Joel, Ewenin Tiwahe, Potsy Bad Wound, Candace Bad Wound, Roland High Pipe, Orville Asanpi, Carol Bad Bear, Alex Winters, Angel Winters, Louis Winters, Louis “Boy” Winters, Susan Schrader, Geno & Phyllis Winters, Marilyn Mousseau-Winters, Shawntae Keith, Robert Keith, Retired Senator Tim Johnson & Staff, Retired SCO Dan Cullen, VSO Fall River, Weasel Bear Tiyospaye, Two Bulls Tiyospaye, Youngman Tiyospaye, Dreamer Tiyospaye, Ten Fingers Tiyospaye, Conquering Bear Tiyospaye, Two Lance Tiyospaye, Yellow Hair Tiyospaye, Kelly Looking Horse, Arpata McKay-Ten Fingers & spouse Heather, CHS Class of 2001, 101st Airborne Division Army Buddies, and all friends and relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD